Law Qube Technologies: Driving Digital Transformation of the Judicial Ecosystem with Qourt Framework

Mathew Philip,  CEOWith the ongoing technological advancements, the judiciary comprising courts of all types, the legal departments and associated entities have been at the fore of technological progress to modernise, digitalize and automate in order to minimise the time to deliver justice to the citizens and litigants. Although courts and legal departments have been relatively slower to adopt technology despite the advancement it brings, the pandemic has worked as a catalyst in the development of new pressures that have prompted more of them to opt for automation. Courts, law departments, legal agencies and law firms around the world are currently exploring ways for increasing the effectiveness of judicial processes and procedures while seamlessly interacting with each other, there by reducing pendency of cases and hastening settlements.

Trivandrum headquartered Law Qube Technologies has launched a cloud based software product platform 'Qourt Framework' for the modernization of the judicial ecosystem a distinct framework that fills a variety of voids brought about by the prospects in the new normal for the digitization of Courts and Government. The Qourt Framework a state-of-the-art innovative digital court management and e-governance system enables litigants, defendants, awyers/barristers/attorneys/councillors, arbitrators, court administrators, counsels, judges and jury to manage the complexities of the modern courtrooms and speed time to
outcome. A part of Law Qube's suite of judicial and law enforcement management products, 'Qourt' helps courts at all levels of the judicial system, leverage the power of technology to manage cases as they progress from initiation through disposition and beyond. With Qourt, you can administrate higher courts, lower courts, tribunals and law enforcement organizations efficiently.

'Qourt Framework', an online collaboration and case management platform, enables remote litigation management with scheduling of court events for online appearance, hearing and trial. Auto routing and assignment of cases supported by secure document management in addition to extensive analytical dashboards and reports helps the court in settling the cases rapidly.

The team at Law Qube technologies draws on years of research and development experience to offer the suite of products for the legal ecosystem for speeding up processing and enhancing the effectiveness of the Judiciary and Governments. Law Qube's suite of products aims to modernize the way courts, government departments law offices and legal departments operate while opening the door for innovations and increased efficiency.

Law Qube's primary objective is to develop rapidly deployable no code or low code software platforms to meet digitization and e-governance initiatives of judiciary and governments globally

For automation supporting legal infrastructure
Qourt eliminates physical documentation and paper intensive operations and procedures which the legal and judicial services are familiar with, through digitization and e-document management. From case filing to disposition the movement of the documents can be tracked and validated using the process automation engine within the Qourt Framework. The Qourt Framework integrates and interconnects the judicial and government eco system seamlessly state wide or country wide.

"We have created substantial advantage by creating astate of the art software product framework which can be rapidly implemented on premise or as a SaaS offering for greenfield or retrofit judicial and government projects, using AI, cloud computing, and blockchain technologies", adds Mathew Philip, CEO at Law Qube Technologies. With the zeal to streamline legal, judicial and government processes, Law Qube is steadfastly committed to building a robust product portfolio that will establish a reputation for dependability and goal oriented standards, thereby helping to meet the demand for legal tech judicial and government systems and solutions.