Learner Circle: A Learning Platform Empowering Children to Pursue their Passion

Anuradha Venkatachalam, Co-founderThe current education system is designed to impart factual knowledge focusing only on a narrow spectrum of children's cognitive development. However, a child should have well-rounded learning with an emphasis on overall well-being. This would enable the future citizens of the world to have a more fulfilling life.

In 2020, Learner Circle was founded to provide a well-rounded development to children through online LIVE classes across a wide variety of courses that build future skills. Learner Circle uses a '3Ps' approach - discover Possibilities, pursue Passion and Realize Potential. Headquartered in Singapore and operating out of India, Learner Circle's curriculum is versatile, strongly leaning on an inclusive and diverse learning culture that focuses on Formative years development, critical thinking, creativity, and building leadership skills.

"65 percent of the children in primary school today are going to be working in jobs that are yet to be created. Today's schools and colleges are not preparing children for the future, they are more academically focused on the current career opportunities. Learner Circle is here to fill this gap by providing future skills needed for the child's success. The extracurricular learning market is highly fragmented. We are organizing this sector by providing a professional experience to the parents all under one roof", explains Anuradha Venkatachalam, Co-founder of Learner Circle.

Identifying Interest & Ensuring Deep Learning
The courses at Learner Circle are designed to expose a child to a wide variety of interests and pick an area where they want to go deep into. The courses at Learner Circle are categorized under three pillars: communication, performing arts, and logical stream. In the logical stream, students learn subjects like chess, coding, abacus, mental math, and others that appeal to the learner's logical side. The faculties offer both Indian Classical and Western music under the category of Performing Arts. Digital keyboard, Guitar, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood dance, Carnatic vocal, Violin, and other popular courses in performing arts are just a few examples. Additionally, communication encompasses a variety of courses, including public speaking, creative writing, and book publishing, and languages, including both Indian regional languages and foreign languages like French, German, and more.

The curriculum for each course in Learner Circle has been well-curated by professionals and experts from around the world. Experts in child development and related fields have carefully crafted the learning frameworks. "Our Learning modules are right-sized for children to identify if it is indeed their area of interest and if so go deep to acquire expert skills in chosen areas. Our learning modules cover the entire spectrum from foundation to professional level across all courses. Contrary to most institutions, which promote the need for one-on-one tutoring, we advise teaching kids in small groups of 4-5 students. One child can benefit from other children's questions and interact to develop social skills thanks to this", says Shankar Gomathinayagam, CEO and Co-founder at Learner Circle.

He further adds, "Our Expert tutors are handpicked through a rigorous multi-stage selection process and induction program. All our courses are outcome driven with definite milestones in every stage as the child progresses. We prepare our children to be future ready professionals with certifications from international bodies. For example in music we guide our students to appear for Trinity London Certification, train for FIDE rating in Chess, and more. In Fact, Learner Circle students are competing in various exams around the world, winning awards and accolades in their respective fields”.

Through their flagship competitions like the International Online Trivia Quiz, Chess Premier League, and other showcasing events, Learner Circle puts the spotlight on students, giving them the opportunity to perform and showcase their newly acquired skills.

Catering to the Fragmented Extracurricular Learning Market
During the pandemic, what began as a social initiative evolved into a revenue-generating business by 2021. 15,000+ Learners across 20 different nations in the GCC region, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia have been enriched for more than 250,000 hours via Learner Circle. The market segment that Learner Circle focuses on, the extracurricular market, has a potential of Billions of dollars.

"We believe that the road map ahead is rather exciting with lots of new courses and exciting events in the pipeline. We intend to focus on using technology to provide more dynamics to the digital classroom fostering positive learning experiences among our young students. We want to continue contributing in a more vibrant way to the wholesome development of children. We constantly brainstorm for innovative ways to enhance the cognitive and creative skills of our students so that consequently they progress towards an improved emotional, social, and intellectual quotient. End of the day, what reaffirms that we are on the right path is the personal messages that we receive from the parents thanking us for the positive change that they see in their children", concludes Arun K., Co-Founder at Learner Circle.

Arun K, Co-Founder
Arun is a digital marketer, entrepreneur, business strategist, and author. He's passionate about brand building and driving product performance. He comes with rich experience in the Edtech industry from his earlier Test Prep startup that he co-founded. In his Corporate avatar, Arun has been into Sales & Marketing for Global brands.

Anuradha Venkatachalam, Co-Founder
Anuradha has been into entrepreneurship for over a decade now. She has Global experience in Community Building working closely with International Government Organizations in the Culture and Education sector. She is a digital marketing enthusiast with a keen interest in Growth Marketing experiments. Anuradha is also a Children's book author and professional storyteller.

Shankar Gomathinayagam, Co-Founder & CEO
Shankar is a serial entrepreneur with over 20years of globalexperience. He Co-founded Spinircle, a Sales tech startup in 2014. In his previous corporate career, he has played several roles across Management Consulting, Corporate Strategy & Innovation. Shankar also now mentors startup enthusiasts encouraging them to pursue their passion.