Learning Ant: An Initiative Towards Shaping India's Future

Murli Manohar Singh,    FounderSince the Industrial Revolution, society has grown by leaps and bounds during the last 200 years. The world has seen the invention of machines & robots for work, automobiles & airplanes for commuting, telephones & mobiles for communication, and the inception of the digital age via the Internet & Artificial Intelligence to bring the world closer and beyond. Yet, education and the teaching process remained the same for centuries without much innovation until COVID hit.

Since 2020, the EdTech space has grown significantly, bringing in many necessary changes in the current education system using digital tools and mediums. Many organizations have contributed to democratizing and making education affordable and accessible for all. But when normalcy returned The students and all organizations preferred to return to the pre-covid system. So, the question arose How can the current education system take its next step, like the industrial revolution?

Inception Story
The inception of 'Ant Educoncepts' happened with a similar idea to bring ground-breaking changes to the existing education system. Their first step has been to establish 'Learning Ant' as a wholesome learning and growth institute for students preparing to become future doctors or engineers. They believe that knowledge should be available to all and work to make it more accessible, giving everyone an equal opportunity to grow. As a result, Learning Ant is quickly gaining popularity among students and parents. They
are introducing engaging, exciting, and thought-provoking ways to improve students' study time and quality.

Why the name has 'Ant' in it?
According to their founder, ants have two basic traits. Firstly, Ants are considered the hardest working insects in nature, along with bees they work with great dedication to collect food & build their own homes. Secondly, Ants have the largest brain among all insects. They are smart and have excellent organizational awareness.

“The best students also always show the same traits. So, we drew inspiration from Ants when we were deciding upon the name of the organization that would change the landscape of the field of education. Hence, the name 'Learning Ant' shares Murli, Founder of Learning Ant.

Murli Manohar Singh comes from a humble background in a small village in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. After completing his graduation from IIT Dhanbad, he wanted everyone to have the same opportunities as he had. After much thought, he decided to forge a new path in which 'Guru-Shishya' culture would triumph over modern money minded culture, which has found its way into the current system. The focus is on helping students realize their potential. To ensure it indeed happens, they run special scholarship schemes for students from economically weak backgrounds similar to scholarships at IITs/NITs.

They have a 12-members strong team from IITs and other prestigious institutes covering all academic and management positions.

Present & Future
Learning Ant runs 'Epicentres' as the central hub for students to get the necessary guidance. These act as classrooms and study centres where students can also attend classes and do self-study, with easy access to their faculties.

Various batches from the foundation to the 12th pass are currently run by the names of Neev, Prahaar, and more. Innovative solutions like WAR (Weekly Action Review) have been implemented to help students prepare well. These solutions make students selfaware of their performance using matrices like self-study hours, strength & weakness areas, and so on. They also have a YouTube channel for online courses and guidance.

Finally, the biggest of all, Project X­ Ant Educoncepts team is also working space. "We are working on an AI-based career guidance system for students which will provide the right directives to the students, their teachers, and parents from the primary education level only. It will help them identify and explore all the different career paths and then choose the best one for them” concludes Murli, Founder of Learning Ant.