Legal Buddy: Introducing Intelligence In The Legal Framework

 Roopali Grover,   CEOLaw and business are not reciprocally exclusive subsets. Every country flourish on a strong governance and efficient implementation of its legislations. Generally, for a developing and vibrant nation like India, which is witnessing a rapid commercial growth it is imperative to have a stable & efficient regulatory environment.

Currently, the Indian legal sector is ordinarily in a state of constant change and is persistently reinvigorating itself. While India corporate is on cusp of a growth under all parameters, but the dynamic regulatory environments is becoming an unsolved mystery for the entrepreneurs. A decade ago, law and the courts, were having certain pragmatic issues, thereby disturbing the very fabric of a civilized & evolved society, however with technology influencing every sector, governance and law & order is looking at a promising future.

In the digital era where government is increasingly emphasizing on compliances, obligations are inhumane for any human workforce to balance the fast changing legal system. The marriage of law and technology has been a gamechanger for the profession. A harbinger of such change, Legal Buddy has endeavored on a journey to techenable the legal community.

Keeping this as a focal concern, Legal Buddy, a north India based entity is working hard for an advance technological driven solution that efficaciously not only detects legal concerns but provide a real valuable resolutions, at a quick pace within the regulated costs of the entrepreneurs/startups/MSME. The Generation Z is living in the Experience Age driven by technology. Instant and value proposition solutions are the need of the hour. The LegalTech is not at its prime yet, but it's certainly not in its nascent stage. The market is flooded with legaltech startups. However, Roopali Grover, Chief Strategist to Legal Buddy, rightly points out,"There are multiple softwares in the market, with high technology, but no real solutions. Existing softwares are conducting patch work to the whole process".

Legal Buddy, aims at developing a digital
enterprise capability for addressing legal and compliance challenges.

The firm coined its name itself, Legal Buddy which is the culmination of two antipode notions, the term legal'indicates a glitch or uncertain scenario in law, whereas the word `buddy'denotes a support system which guides and accompanies throughout the challenging phase. Legal Buddy motives is to develop trust that 'the lawyer is your reliable friend'. Legal Buddy helps clients automate process to convert problems to a meaningful step to make an informed decision. The platform helps client not only discover the applicable law, but interpret the impact to the law correctly, and help in effective implementation with logical next steps, in form of checklist, progress charts. This perceives the drawback of the functionality and provides kosher solutions.

Legal Buddy provides a forum where the entrepreneurs hold utmost control of the legal and corporate activities through a platform that enables entities to take an knowledgeable evaluation and weigh next steps. This approach further eradicates the dependency on various other layers in the organization and enables imperforate transparency in the actions, with a single source of all truth.

End-to-End Solution Built on Transparency
The firm has converted the complete legal ecosystem to a digital platform that assists in identifying key legal and compliance issues and in process assessing the inherent risks associated with running an organization.

Not only the platform clearly defines the problem, but also connects the data and related problem to have a seamless solution and an automated monitoring system to fulfill the organization's compliance obligation. The data is then analyzed using standard formats and procedures to generate effective revenue driven business decisions. The entire process is being observed by high security measures to expunge redundancy and to keep-up the standard of transparency.

Legal Buddy deals with how laws are being associated with business firms and provide the standard operating system to practice it. So as to elaborate more, the firms CEO, Roopali Grover says, "There was an abundance amount of confusion in the legal industry, especially in the corporate sector, and following all the laws is a complex task for any individual. Entrepreneurs passionately startups the business but after a while get themselves busy arranging the documentation and evaluation of correct legal approach to each task. We have stepped into the market to mark the revolutionary change to governance and its easy implementation".

Legal Buddy creates a simple ONDC model, microservice for digital library, contact management solutions, license management, checklist, conflict of interest, KYC of employees, and many more. The dedication for result oriented solutions of this firm's trust is seen with few well-known clients in the market like, Idea bridge, Megasoft, Luxury Ride, Tyresnmore, Seniority, CEAT, AvivaLife, and RBS Bank are famous among them. The firm is driven by a blend of experienced hands and youth, such that this amalgamation covers the new age technological solutions by youth and the core knowledge and understanding by experience.

With this combination, Legal Buddy is advancing to positioning itself with the legaltech trajectory which is creating its place in the industry. As a harbinger of change, Legal Buddy is essentially on route to becoming a premiere name in end-to-end solution provider, that empowers value chain creating the right bridge between the management and legal function.