Legalink: Leveraging Technology to Offer Efficient Legal Solutions

Akash Narayan,   CEOIn the last few years, the scope and reach of legal knowledge and services has expanded exponentially. Today, more people are aware of some legal articles which most pertain to life in general. With awareness of one's legal rights rising, more people are now seeking legal help than ever. However, while the need for seasoned professionals is high, the availability of quality resources or professionals still remains sparse. To add to it, the legal industry is known to be rife with distrust, manipulation, opacity, and complicated jargon, not understandable by the general public. With the aim of addressing these issues and creating an environment that is completely client centric, Legalink was established.

Co-founded by a third generation aspiring lawyer in the making, Akash Narayan, who grew up witnessing the gaps in the legal industry and the struggle lawyers go through to provide the best resolution for clients, inspired him to think outside the box. Growing up in a generation that witnessed the evolution of technology and its subsequent overtaking of every industry, Akash and his partner created a platform that integrates legal expertise with artificial
integrates legal expertise with artificial intelligence to assess a client's issues and team them with the best legal practitioners for the particular problem.

Practice Areas
The primary idea behind Legalink is to leverage technology and automate specific legal tasks, thereby reducing manual labor and reaping efficient results. "The common public should identify the right online legal platform in order to approach the right professionals to get the right work done efficiently and in a hassle free manner. Through this platform, we intend to increase productivity and give proper legal advice to every ordinary person at affordable service costs", says Akash Narayan, CEO. A big portion of the current generation of lawyers are incredibly tech savvy and utilize the power of the internet to reach out to the masses.

Legalink provides a plethora of services to its clients encompassing a wide array of practice areas, including Divorce, Cyber Crime, Domestic Violence, Company Incorporation, Estate Planning, Consumer Complaints, and Property Registration under its online services. Furthermore, the firm also provides services for legal funding for a litigation case, which plays a crucial role for clients. The firm also boasts a collection of over 3000 legal drafts, which assist lawyers in specific cases and are provided by the firm at zero cost. A dedicated students'corner has also been designed into the platform to provide resources for legal students, giving them practical knowledge of legal enactments as well as real cases.Their phenomenal services provided with 100percent confidentiality, and a unique feature of assigning dedicated case managers to every client are just some of the unique features that set them apart.

Future Roadmap
Since its establishment, Legalink has experienced remarkable development as a result of being approachable to the general populace via internet platforms. The team's swift and efficient delivery of legal services has led the firm to perform better than initial expectations. The firm is driven to focus on its practice areas, further polishing its services and efficiency while keeping the client at the centre of every effort. Legalink aims to offer remedies to all business owners, corporate entities, and other entities, including NGOs and government bodies, assisting them with the challenges they face as they carry out their functions.