Legalkart: A Trusted Technology For Legal Service Delivery In India

Dr. Arvind Singhatiya,Founder & CEOLegal is divided into three key verticals Advisory, Documentation and Litigation, the tentative market size of the Indian legal services market is in the tune of US$70b. Documentation and Advisory are the biggest verticals.

LegalKart is building technology with a vision to create reliable & trusted access to legal advice and services to drive the economic growth and compliance to the law for the billion citizens of the country. With eminent proficiency, Legalkart is a brainchild of Dr. Arvind Singhatiya incorporated in 2018 and under the guidance of eminent industry experts, it has been flourishing exultantly ever since.

LegalKart is invested in developing legal-tech products for millions of people who will find peace of mind & clarity of thoughts to take important decisions of their life in a world full of complex legal problems. With a vast network of 10,000 Lawyers spread across 1000 cities, LegalKart has become the key player in the Industry with its `Confidential Advice 24X7' & unique Document review & `Do it Your Self' documentation.

An Advanced Legal Plat-form
According to available market data as of today, there is an strong demand of mind-boggling 20 billion consulting minutes every year and to subsequently cater towards this domain, LegalKart is selling consulting minutes. LegalKart offers `Just Consult' - India's first, 24X7,confidential legal consulting platform available in 8 Indian Languages,
where clients can discuss their matter with a lawyer at their convenience to take informed decisions.

Indian legal documentation market is estimated to be of US $4b and LegalKart's `Just Documents' and `Document Review' are two key products enabling customers to draft their legal documents without any prior legal knowledge and reviewed by an expert lawyer in less than four hours.

LegalKart's unique initiative `Just-Lawfirm' is an advanced Lawyer & Law Firm Management Software that not only manages Legal Practice and Law firm administration but also updates clients' online, one-click invoices, manage times sheets, auto case updates, integrated google calendar and many more unique features to help Lawyers & Law Firms to achieve their maximum potential.

Lawyers & Law firms can also harness the power of LegalKart Practice Management App & Dashboard as the definitive platform that helps them build their presence, grow establishments and engage with their clients more deeply than ever.

Ensuring Smart & Cost-Effective Legal Products
An instant consulting platform based on time & technology with standard pricing, the vision of LegalKartis is to create `trusted Legal Access for a billion'. "In a short span, we have learnt a lot about the market needs and building tech-enabled products to stay ahead of the curve. We have a sharp consumer focus and all our products are empowering its users with complete confidentiality and trust.

Legal is touching everyone's life everyday through traffic laws, property laws, family laws, business laws, and more. There is a huge gap wherein an individual can understand his/her legal needs and seek end-to-end legal support. With LegalKart, the bigger objective we would like to achieve is to connect the dots of Legal advisory, Documentation & Litigation," saidDr. Arvind Singhatiya, Founder & CEO, LegalKart.

Legalkart is evolving as a trusted online platform for all kinds of legal products & services under one umbrella brand. It will soon venture into highly efficient SaaS products for Lawyers & Law Firms to help them manage their legal practice remotely and efficiently. Aligning with the technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence-based documentation, virtual meeting rooms for Legal advisory and a stream of consumer products for individuals, Startup & MSMEs, LegalKart is focused on empowering them with smart & cost-effective legal solutions.

"In our customer list, we have some of the billion Doller startups like Ola, Rivigo, Shadowfax, ZoomCar and many more. LegalKart is growing organically and we are currently focusing on developing products for individuals, SMEs & Startups," signs off Dr. Arvind Singhatia.