Legistify: A Hassle-Free Digital Platform to Manage all Enterprise Legal Operations

Akshat Singhal, Founder & CEO

Akshat Singhal

Founder & CEO

The legal industry's players are able to function more quickly and effectively thanks to modern innovative technologies. According to Gartner data from 2020, 40 percent of corporate legal departments planned to spend more money by 2023 on legal IT systems or software. This prediction is thus far coming true. Along with this, future predictions also suggest that the legal industry will remain highly competitive and dynamic. And to do so modern law firms must adopt new technologies in order to run their businesses more efficiently.

To make it simple for big Indian businesses to handle and settle minor legal disputes, Legistify set out on its mission in 2015. These businesses have billions of dollars entangled in millions of similar conflicts, all of which could be readily tracked down and resolved using the firm's software. Legistify assists businesses in obtaining a comprehensive solution, beginning with the discovery of new cases, providing deeper insights into potential case outcomes, helping to select a qualified hyperlocal attorney, and managing the process all the way through to issue resolution.

“Starting a legal tech company as a non-lawyer was particularly difficult in the beginning. We tried our best as a young firm in a challenging market to grasp the primary issues first and try to find the areas which could be disrupted by the pure application of technology. Through years of arduous effort and the encouragement of our clients and mentors, we persisted in working hard, as we still do today, to add considerable value to the sector”, explained Akshat Singhal, Founder & CEO, Legistify.

Various Legal Services Offered to Clients
Legistify firmly believes that the legal sector is currently experiencing significant technological change. The disadvantages of operating in silos were acknowledged by legal teams following Covid, which sparked this long-awaited shift. Efficiency, teamwork, and digitization are urgently needed. Legistify strives to integrate technology at numerous touchpoints in a company's legal workflow, both in terms of opportunity and ethos. This is how legal practice will be redefined in the future, and the firm intends to lead the way in implementing this transformation. Alongside, Legistify provides a single integrated SAAS platform for enterprises. Depending on the industry segment and relevant considerations, teams can choose from the highly customized and intuitive modules covering end-to-end matter management, contract lifecycle management, automated IP management, legal notices workflow, and pan India lawyer marketplace.
Furthermore, the built-in, completely customizable, and automated modules of the Legistify platform cover a wide range of use cases, including contracts, litigation, legal notices, intellectual property, and compliances. More than 300 significant businesses from various nations use these modules. Using historical case data from India especially, Legistify also makes use of machine learning to deliver information and insights. “There are more than 10 million ongoing disputes in India today, and the number of new disputes registered is growing rapidly every year. With such changing times, companies struggle in managing their legal portfolio in a hassle-free and transparent manner. At Legistify, we have built highend technology solutions to address such key issues faced by all relevant stakeholders. We disrupt the way companies manage their legal portfolio”, stated Pratik Mohapatra, Co-Founder, Legistify.

The built-in, completely customizable, and automated modules of the Legistify platform cover a wide range of use cases, including contracts, litigation, legal notices, intellectual property, and compliances

Achievements & Future Goals
In India, Legistify has worked with over 250 significant companies, including Saraswat Bank, CARS24, Lease Plan India, and others. Saraswat Bank was facing issues getting notified about new litigations filed against them and getting auto updates on their ongoing legal matters. Legistify as a legal technology provider offered them a custom-made litigation management tool - LegisTrak that currently aids in tracking and managing new case discovery via 7000+ courts PAN India. By using the ERP Suite they were able to manage their legal matters more effectively and efficiently. Similarly, CAR24 is using Legistify single integrated suite LegisTrak for managing their litigations & IPs in an automated way. Along with this, LegisTrak is also helping the team by providing a one window solution to digitize and manage all the case files under a dynamic central repository for easy accessibility and reference.

Hence, due to the exponential growth of legal technology in recent years, legal services promise to be fundamentally different in form, function, and delivery in the very near future. Legistify aims to bring in a cutting edge disruption in its existing offerings by making them more intuitive, utilizing millions of historic case data that they have collected and synchronized all these years. This will help the users make informed and data backed decisions based on trends identified through the proprietary technology built on top of this.

Akshat Singhal, Founder & CEO
AKSHAT is a BITS Pilani alum and an entrepreneur at heart. While in 2nd year of college, he started his first company and later took an exit from it. Legal issues faced during this stint made him interested in making legal access for all. Most of his work at Legistify revolves around product building and pondering on the next technology jump in the legal industry.

Pratik Mohapatra, Co-Founder
PRATIK has been a corporate lawyer for over seven years, working with some of the world’s finest law firms before he started working on Legistify. His experience on being at the legal side made him think of what technology can offer to empower this industry. His major work revolves around BD, client relations, and legal inputs on the product.