Lemondust Studios: Lemondust Studios practices a unique approach to Customer Satisfaction

Krupa Rose,Director & Design Head

Krupa Rose

Director & Design Head

Lemondust Studios has always taken a different approach to the business of Interior Design. Since its inception, the company has been analyzing the market trends and identifying areas that lead to consumer dissatisfaction, both short term and long term. Today, the company has evolved a system that ensures a thorough understanding of the psychological, practical, and financial specifics of each client. It also designed a seamless step-by-step, interactive, and transparent procedure to maintain continuous client interaction throughout project development and execution.

At Lemondust, in addition to a team of competent designers and engineers, a key differentiator from many studios is that the director her self is a highly qualified and experienced designer with almost two decades of experience in this field, and she is an integral part and head of the team. Moreover, she personally defines and shapes each project, and maintains direct contact with every client.

The Director & Design Head, Krupa Rose says,"Market study showed that client dissatisfaction with many Interior Design operations is caused by commitments made by the company being incorrectly delivered by third party vendors, material specifications being compromised, and inadequate response to issues faced by the client after project completion. Further, there is often the issue of unpredictable and random extension of timelines causing severe in convenience. Lemondust resolves all of these issues by genuinely being a part of every process from material selection, acquisition, and
verification to coordinated and supervised execution. For Lemondust, this end-to-end approach is not merely a marketing phrase, but includes genuine involvement at every step, supervised by inhouse engineers and myself, including repeated site visits to ensure the genuineness of delivered materials and accurate timely execution."

In addition to a team of competent designers and engineers, the company is backed by the knowledge and experience of Krupa Rose. She has created uniquely individualized interiors such as Residential Interiors (both budget and luxury), Commercial Interiors for premium clients, and Retail Interiors for specialized F&B and FMCG clients. Further, Lemondust has a full time inhouse qualified architect and a civil engineer, and the company is currently in the process of designing and executing premium residences from the ground up Architectural Design, Construction, Interior Design, and end-to-end execution of all of these.

Green Design, Sustainable Design, and the incorporation of Smart Technology are part and parcel of Lemondust's Design Vision

Design Philosophy
One of the most important design approaches followed by Lemondust is 'Empathetic Client Designer Unification' resulting in 'we' rather than company and client as independent entities. This approach leads to meaningful Visualization of Styling, Ambience, and Comfort Zones from the client's perspective.

Conceptual Design Philosophies specific to each project are largely client dependent and styling choices, though guided by Lemondust, are rooted in client preference. The concept could be anchored in any of the standard styles (Mid Century Modern, Eclectic Chic, Modern Industrial, and Transitional Modern Traditional, Traditional, Scandinavian, Minimalist, Royale, Contemporary and others). However, Lemondust specifically innovates its own Design Styles and selects palettes and materials which are based on the required ambiance and mood of each space.

What began as an idea and a vision is now a company on an exponential growth curve both in terms of project numbers as well as the project scope."For Lemondust Studios, client acquisition is almost an automatic process with a life of its own as referrals from clients have so far formed the mainstay of client base expansion. Expansion in terms of increased project management capability has been necessary and is a continuing process. Geographical expansion is on the cards but subsequent to the current in process expansion towards enhanced inhouse manufacturing infrastructure to create innovative individualized client specific solutions," she mentions.