Let's Visualize Studio: Introducing Parametric Architecture, Designing Spaces with Heritage

Prem Solanki, Shreyas Gami, Satyan Kumar Yadav & Arihant Lodha,  ArchitectsEstablished in 2020, Let’s Visualize Studio is able to provide a design experience like no other. Like many great stories that started with friendships in college, the foundation of Let’s Visualize Studio also started with a cup of shared ‘chai’ and passion at an Architecture Study College in Hyderabad. Established in 2020, Let’s Visualize Studio is the brainchild of Prem Solanki, Shreyas Gami, Satyan Kumar Yadav, and Arihant Lodha. They met while studying Bachelor of Architecture and post the course, they continued to be in touch via freelance project collaborations, and by helping each other meet their professional demands. “We were always working together for projects and hence decided to come together and start the company", says Prem Solanki, Founder, Let’s Visualize Studio.

Let’s Visualize Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm that specializes in Architecture, Parametric, and Interior Design. At the core, the company believes in helping its clients experience great designs by creating spaces that interact with the neighbourhood and feels natural and comfortable. To ensure the same, the team constantly researches newer means and explores the ins and outs of local materials to build designs, commercial and residential, influenced by the community and culture, the clients belong to. The company’s work encompasses a range of typologies across Architecture, Interiors, and Parametric

Architecture. The team leverages AI backed algorithms to present the best, unique, and most efficient architecture design ideas to its clients. Let’s Visualize Studio implements automation in design and uses the latest architecture design software to develop and deliver efficient results.

Architecture industry poses immense scope & the company hopes to make the difference with designs that tell a story

"Our philosophy is finding simplicity in space and heritage in order to inspire", says Shreyas Gami, Principal Architect. “We are a group of young, modern architects constantly finding, developing, and delivering based on our passion for design", adds Satyan. At every scale, Let’s Visualize Studio emphasizes the integrity of craftsmanship and material, establishing a relationship between the art of making architecture and the physical environment. “Our work evolves as a response to our client’s character, program, site, and budget", adds Arihant. The company has successfully completed projects in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bhopal.

Also ensuring sustainable creations, Let’s Visualize Studio uses local resources and eco friendly materials for its construction. The company takes a planet friendly approach in which ever ways possible to reduce the negative impact on the environment while exactly delivering on the need of its clients.

Currently, the exponential growth of urbanization in India has escalated the demand for architecture design and infrastructural development. Let’s Visualize Studio hopes to leverage this growth and establish itself as the go-to architect design firm in the country. Further, the team uses VR so each client can experience the space in is true fashion. The company hopes to continually experiment with Parametric Architecture and grow its niche in this field. “Architecture industry poses immense scope and we hope to make the difference with designs that tell a story", concludes Prem.