Liberwin: Engaging your Workforce in the Most Innovative Way

Ganesan Arulanandham,CEOThe expectation to continuously hire and manage talents, coupled with the need to respond to the vast economic changes, has brought a significant shift or change in the world of talent utilization for organisations. Today several organizations around the world are handicapped in discovering where their talent is concentrated in terms of proficiency, skills, geography, functions and sector. Liberwin is one such Future of Work Tech company that enables remote work, digital work collaboration, distributed work, learning and career navigation, talent mobility, employee engagement and skill assessment through their high end AI-powered, SaaS FoW platform.

Liberwin’s AI-powered SaaS platform has both Freelance(B2C)and Enterprise (B2B) editions and is well positioned to top the rapidly growing HR tech market. Their FoW platform packs a variety of unique features to power enterprises transform themselves into a gig marketplace providing new work opportunities, interest based activities and gig work. On the other hand, the company also empowers freelance talents to leverage their skills through Work Worthiness Index and Skill Scores to get work of their choice. In short, efficient talent mobility is their ultimate lookout.

"We empower new talents to build gig potential & to find new age career choices" says Ganesan Arulanandham, CEO, Liberwin.

Established in 2019, the main idea of building an effective Tech Platform is to cope up with
the growing change of the 6Ws. 6Ws stands for Work, Workplace, Work norms, Work environment, and Work partners. ‘After years of research about the industry, we started Liberwin in late 2019 with the idea to democratize the work and enable talent to become fluid.” he adds.

Coming to the Liberwin’s FoW platform, their enterprise edition enables increased enterprise agility, speedy access to the right talent, dynamic discovery of skills, enhanced work productivity, Work choices for employees,deployment and ROl for upskilling/reskilling initiatives, talent insights, instant feedback and reward and mostly importantly simplified employee experiences.

‘After years of research about the industry, we started Liberwin in late 2019 with the idea to democ ratize the work and enable talent to become fluid.

Their freelance edition enables enterprises to access the right talent ondemand, freelancers such as students or independent professionals in getting hassle free opportunities through artificial Intelligence, startups to anchor student talent through internships, earning with certainty and learning with feedback. As one can see, both editions help to build digital knowledge on work and talent, starting from work posting to work completion.

Liberwin’s Skill Assessment as a Service helps the clients to filter out talents through effective Skill Lens. The Liberwin Gigwork Marketplace Platform helps increase the speed and quality of hiring at minimum cost.

Liberwin’s founders Ganesan Arulanandham, Ashok Mithiran and Sasikumar Sundararajan brings in a mix of experiences from technology, talent management, delivery and consulting across various sectors both nationally and globally. Their 75 years of experience in the industry has helped them to find out the drawbacks as well as the growing needs of the talent acquisition industry.

With more than 200 qualified skill assessment partners and a few enterprise customers on board, the company is looking forward to expanding its customer base in both its enterprise and freelance edition.

‘We continue to invest in building a robust product roadmap to make our product future ready for enterprises.Our partner ecosystem is a critical block in our business and we are going to expand globally,’he concludes.