LICIT: Helping to find the perfect Legal Solution

Santhosh Kumar Shammana,CEOSanthosh Kumar Shamanna aspired to bring some significant changes in the legal system prevailing in the country. While working with the IT industry, he came across the difficulties faced by his father due to a prolonged case of a property related issue. Observing the pathetic condition of the people, lawyers and the unstructured legal system, Santhosh decided to opt for a law course and gain some in-depth knowledge in order to solve the matter. He foresaw the advantages of the internet and thought to bring in the technological implications in the legal platform that could connect the lawyers with the clients and also make the system efficient to help in speedy trials. In 2015, while he was on a vacation to Dubai, he met Satish, an entrepreneur and discussed his ideas with him. On listening to his plans, Satish insisted him to implement his ideas practically and made him realize that this could revolutionize the legal scenario.

Thus came LICIT into being. The primary idea was to be a future ready online legal platform for the advocates and people who are looking for instant legal support.

Unifies Ideas with Technology for Efficient Solutions

Bangalore based LICIT helps one to find the best Lawyers and book instant appointments with their verified list of lawyers and also get instant legal advice through phone, chat or video call. With a team of 12 experts who provide insights and guidance on thousands of legal issues at a fixed price, the company meticulously divides the vast subject of law into main categories in order to ensure easy understanding of the topics. Santosh explaining this further speaks, “We believe that the needs and capabilities of each client are individual. Through our platform we try to meet the highest possible standards and ensure our clients find best advices that are provided by our lawyers who are experienced in different areas of law and legal practices.” Serving as a 24/7 legal platform for delivering its services, LICIT aims to be a beneficiary for the community by making its services available at their doorsteps.

Helping clients accelerate their business growth, LICIT offers key services that include Incorporation, Registration, Notary on Wheels and Online Documentation and services related to family laws, criminal laws, civil and corporate laws. Additionally, they also provide Rental Agreements, Affidavits, Sale Agreements and E-stamps, Instant Appointments, Instant Legal Advice, Chat, Video call & Online payment assuring –‘Privacy, Security, Trust & Quality’ to their clients.

“Our vision is to blend technology with our ideas and reach out to everyone from rural to urban areas,
startups to corporate giants with cost effective solutions and in an affordable manner by making services available in mobile and web portal,” he adds.

LICIT aims to be a beneficiary for the community by making its facilities available at their doorsteps

Aims to ‘Go Legal’ with Easy Accessibility

Centering their spotlight - ‘Go Legal’, team LICIT over the years has set a strong foothold as a full fledged online legal platform that has over 500+ clients and 94 percent success rate. LICIT has spread its business wings across Cochin, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other major cities of the country. Ventured as a self funded company and mentored by Satish, Partner & Co-Founder, LICIT sights to develop a Legal Practice Management Software for the lawyers. The company is believed to soon launch its app – ‘LICIT-Go Legal’ and its web services in the countries of Middle East & Africa. With the implementation of the LPO project it aims to hire young lawyers and be a future ready platform so that the clients can get in touch with their lawyers at anytime and help the lawyers to access to tools whenever required.