Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs: Unleashing The Power Of Personalized Cancer Therapy

Dr. Arindam Banerjee ,  CEO & Director

Dr. Arindam Banerjee

CEO & Director

India has a strong technical workforce but faces challenges in aligning academic training with industrial needs. On the other hand with increased incidences of cancer worldwide, it is a challenge for an emerging economy, like India considering it costs both monetary as well as human resources. However, with a large young population, India can become a global leader in cancer research and biopharmaceutical innovation. Initiatives targeting cancer and promoting science can develop a skilled workforce, driving India towards being a developed country with quality human resources.

One promising startup in this field is Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs, founded in February 2022 with the aim of improving the lives of cancer patients through precision cancer therapy. The company focuses on bridging the gap between academia and the biopharmaceutical industry by providing high-quality research and development (R&D) based training to doctors and other biopharma professionals. Lifesenz’s primary areas of work include personalized cancer medicine, translational cancer research, and scientific upskilling programs.

Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs was established with the mindset to contribute to the betterment of cancer patients. Conventional chemotherapy treatments, which are costly and often accompanied by side effects, do not always guarantee success. In many instances, patients may undergo lengthy treatments to discover that they are ineffective, only at the end of their treatment cycles.

In this space, Lifesenz developed a patient biopsy-derived functional-based 3D cancer platform that can assist both the oncologist
as well as the patient to identify the best treatment regimens within the standard guidelines before the clinical treatment begin. Led by Dr. Arindam Banerjee, the CEO & Director, who brings over 17 years of international experience in cancer research, along with Hanskumar Shah and Kaushik Shah as directors with extensive healthcare business expertise, Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs is working towards advancing cancer research and biopharmaceutical innovation in India and beyond.

The Unique Approach
One of the unique value propositions of Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs is its personalized cancer therapy approach. The company utilizes a patient-derived ex vivo 3D cancer model, to improve the predictability of standard-of-care chemotherapy and/or combination therapy. This personalized approach allows for accurate prediction of which chemotherapy will be responsive for each individual patient, even for terminally ill patients where standard guidelines may not be available. “Our company stands out because we combine personalized cancer therapy approach with scientific R&D programs and technical training in a unique setup”, says Dr. Arindam Banerjee, CEO & Director, Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs .

Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs empower cancer patients with personalized solutions & contribute to future-ready highly skilled manpower generations

Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs is at the forefront of translational cancer research, leveraging collaborations with academia, universities, and industry partners to develop cutting-edge therapeutic products and drive drug discovery initiatives in-house and with collaborations. These research findings hold immense potential for improving cancer management and revolutionizing patient outcomes. Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs also places a strong emphasis on technical training programs that meet rigorous international standards, ensuring its workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and competence to excel in diverse global settings.

This not only addresses the demand for highly skilled human resources but also enables Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs to actively contribute to the research and drug discovery efforts of larger pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories through collaborative research projects and publications.

Future Roadmap
As the field of cancer research continues to evolve, Lifesenz Cancer Research Labs is well-positioned to stay at the forefront of advancements in the industry. By staying aligned with the government's National Skill Development Program and providing advanced techniques, tools, and technologies to its team members, the company is equipped to thrive in the dynamic landscape of cancer research and make a meaningful impact on cancer management and therapies in the future.