Lighting Designers India: Curating Appealing Lighting Designs to Highlight Architectural Features

 Avinash,  Founder & Principal Lighting Designer


Founder & Principal Lighting Designer

Today, visual arts and science equally influence the lighting design of a place. Architectural lighting design seeks to strike a balance between the art and science of lighting in order to improve the experience of a space or location while still adhering to technical and safety standards. Founded in 2017, and based out of Bengaluru, Lighting Designers India (LDI) offers architectural lighting solutions. LDI provides elegant lighting designs that highlight the architecture and produce beautiful moods and spaces with settings that meet the needs of the clients. The company provides a wide range of lighting design services that are suitable for every project type. By fusing its expertise, technological-savvy, and creative innovation, LDI provides clients with new and workable lighting solutions that’s fostering a user friendly environment.

Services Offered
Lighting is not regarded as a significant factor in India. The development of LDI was motivated by the need to educate people about the requirements of lighting design. The business assists numerous lighting and design firms in creating the ideal solution for customer requirements. Landscape lighting, facade lighting, architectural lighting, residential lighting, retail lighting, hospitality lighting, and ATEX/explosive zone lighting are among the specialty solutions provided by LDI.

“We believe that lighting is not just to light up. Rather, it is an artwork that can transform any
space into a beautiful art. We work very closely with the interior design and architectural teams on projects to advise on the functional aspects of lighting as well as the aesthetic impact required by the project and by the client”, shares Avinash, Founder & Principal Lighting Designer.

LDI offers elegant lighting designs that highlight the architecture & produce beautiful moods & spaces with settings that meet the needs of the clients

Architectural Design firms are making a big contribution to improving the building spaces in today's society by creating places with creativity in mind while also satisfying the needs and desires of the clients. Lighting design accounts for 60 percent of development of these spaces. As such, lighting must be planned in great detail with careful analysis to ensure that users are ergonomically safe while keeping ambience. Keeping these principles in mind, LDI offers a range of services including Developing Lighting Strategies, Lighting Master Planning, Ecological Luminaire Selection, Luminaire Calculations, Return on Investment Calculations, LPD Calculations, Lighting Automation, Lighting Simulations, Lux Study and Analysis, Lighting Visualization with realistic 3D rendering in real time environment, Developing Lighting Specifications, and Lighting Advisory Solutions.

“We ensure that the lighting system provides ambient illumination for orientation and general tasks in the space, task illumination for local, more demanding tasks, and accent illumination to highlight special objects of interest or to guide occupants. From initial strategic advice and concept development all the way through to construction documents and onsite support, we offer unparalleled creativity backed by the technical excellence and experience for which we are renowned”, shares Tejaswini, Interior Concept Developer.

Future Roadmap
Having started its journey in 2017, but officially registered in 2021, LDI has completed over 100 residential as well as commercial projects internationally. The support of directors Ravi Teja Reddy and Annapa Reddy Divyasai, has played a crucial role in the firm’s success so far, and has been a guiding light, pointing LDI in the right direction. For the coming years, the firm aspires to expand its footprint further, and develop a strong client base across the globe, starting with Singapore, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. With continued excellence in its projects, LDI is on the path to become one of the leaders in the industry of lighting designs.