Link: Helping Businesses Acquire Talent with Right Aptitude & Attitude

Jaypreet Verma ,Director - Operations

Jaypreet Verma

Director - Operations

Pune's vibrant business landscape, known for its thriving IT, manufacturing, and educational sectors poses an increasing need for efficient and customized recruitment solutions. This surging demand has fostered the growth of numerous Recruitment Consulting startups, positioning the city as a growing hub for human resource solutions.

Rupneet Saluja Dargan, Director - Business

Transforming the traditional recruitment process with cutting-edge technologies, data-driven approaches, and a strong emphasis on finding the perfect talent-match for businesses, Link Talent and Management Services - a Pune based recruitment consultancy - is stepping up to address this demand, offering services that range from executive search and talent acquisition to HR consulting and workforce planning. Playing the role of a partner and an extended arm for each of its client's talent acquisition team, Link Talent and Management Services stands out for its adaptive and innovative procedures that enable extensive calibration and quick closures, pairing the right talent with the right recruiters.

Creating Partnerships

A group of accomplished corporate visionaries possessing diverse skills in
Operation Management, Solutions Strategy, Business Development, and HR services, brought together by a shared desire to leverage their networks for meaningful impact, sparked the inception of 'Link'. Their collective Eureka moment gave birth to a mission to harness the immense potential of human talent and unite it with the dynamic force of business.

"At the heart of our business, we uphold a trinity of values: innovation fuels our progress, adaptability drives our resilience, and unwavering ethics guide our every step. These principles are not just words; they are the beating heart of our entire team, ingrained in every facet of our immaculate work", shares Jaypreet Verma, Director - Operations, Link Talent and Management Services.

The company specializes in a range of integral HR services, employee surveys, and corporate training solutions. At the core of its offerings lie HR services and corporate training, where the firm excels in providing permanent recruitment, innovative workforce solutions, campus recruitment, induction programs, onboarding services, and meticulous background checks.

Link's dedication to excellence is demonstrated by the meticulous guidelines. Periodic audits are conducted, acting as a stringent quality control measure to assess and optimize these processes as needed. This unwavering dedication to quality and continuous improvement defines Link as a reliable partner in navigating the multifaceted realm of human resources and training solutions.

Link's distinctiveness is deeply rooted in its client-centric approach, adding value to both the client as well as candidates. A comprehensive understanding of the client organization's culture empowers Link to identify and attract talent with not only the right skills but also the essential attitude to seamlessly integrate into the client's ecosystem. Moreover, investing interest and time in the candidate's career path, Link becomes their long-term partner in identifying and conquering the right opportunities. The team's perseverance and an unwavering 'never give up attitude' is particularly evident when tackling the most challenging positions.

Future Roadmap

In pursuit of continuous growth and innovation, the company has expanded its presence to Hyderabad and Mumbai, and is set to expand its footprint in Bangalore and Delhi, bringing its transformative services to a broader clientele.

"We are keen to explore diverse business verticals, expanding its expertise to new horizons. This strategic move not only bolsters the company's presence but also provides an array of opportunities for fresh talent to join the dynamic team", adds Rupneet Saluja Dargan, Director - Business, Link Talent and Management Services.

With this expansion, Link Talent and Management Services is poised to tap into uncharted potential, strengthen its market presence, and inspire innovation across various industries, ultimately contributing to its vision of creating lasting, positive impacts for clients and communities.