ListEz: Built by Real Estate Professionals for the Real Estate Community

Divya Murthy Vinaayak,   FounderRealestate is among the few large businesses with a considerable legacy and is yet to be impacted by technology. The global real estate software market was valued at $9.34 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at CAGR of 9.7 percent from 2021 to 2028. Founded in 2021, Madras based ListEz is B2B SaaS proptech startup that aims to simplify and enable the real estate broker community by handholding them in their entire business lifecycle. Currently bootstrapped, the startup solution is built by real estate professionals for the real estate community.

The discontinuation of numerous construction activities across the globe amid the COVID-19 pandemic led to a small decline in the real estate software solutions market. Real estate brokers turned co-founders of ListEz realize that there was a huge gap in technology serving the needs of real estate companies and the brokers.

Despite big companies in the Indian market that could afford to invest in such technology, there was no tailor made software or a solution for processes to get streamlined the gap in technology persisted. To overcome this industry failure, ListEz commenced its operations to enable and build a better digital ecosystem for the existing brokers’ community, unlike other existing proptech solutions.
“We are originated to figure- out a way to prevent duplication of work and fill the technological gap in the real-estate industry”, speaks Divya Murthy Vinaayak, Founder, ListEz.

Integrating the Lifecycle of a Real Estate Deal
ListEz is a one-stop digital platform that stays with the real estate agent during the entire lifecycle of a deal. It begins with properties & options management, lead management from different sources, customer relationship management, and an extensive finance module to track invoices, collection, expense, and incentive tracking. The platform provides in-depth insights into the performance of brokers and their customers in the form of dynamic reports and graphical representations of data.

ListEz is designed to systematically manage and track inventory, leads, and finances in real-time through an integrated platform. It provides a medium for the realtors to digitally collaborate, which is currently being done offline. It has an end-to-end lead capture system that allows users to never miss a lead with the integrated platform, capturing from the real estate portals along with social media and website. “It is a module we are actively working on to put out there so that every touch point for a real estate professional can be looked upon”, says Divya.

We are originated to figure-out a way to prevent duplication of work and fill the technological gap in the realestate industry

ListEz’s USP lies in its integrated platform that eliminates a broker’s need to use various tools and platforms for formatting, presentation, and marketing on social media. Its team consists of real estate professionals with a collective experience of over 25 years in service delivery to domestic and global real estate enterprises who believe that the real estate community will benefit from the guidance of those from the same community. In the lives of the information- sensitive real estate broker community, the platform advocates transparency while maintaining the confidentiality of information.

Based out of Chennai, the company is looking forward to expanding in more mature markets in India in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and other locations. It is also working on setting- up an office in Canada to serve the North American market. Its vision is to cater to every growing need of realtors worldwide in the next five years.