Lite Diet: Answer to a Healthy Living

 Arsh Kumar,  Founder

Arsh Kumar


Startups and business are no longer confined to the grown ups only, it has in an ironical way become a child’s play. Right set of opportunities and circumstances have led to the emergence of Generation Z entrepreneurs who are whipping up huge innovations. Arsh Kumar at the age of 16 took the initiated to show the masses a simple and comprehensive approach of maintaining a healthy food habit. The unhealthy food habits of people brought to him the idea to steering the wind of healthy eating amongst people across the various communities. His deep insights and observations, propelled him to lay the foundation of Lite Diet, an eccentric eatery is weaving new dimensions in the food space through their brill, delectable and in the pink recipes. “The untamed eating habits have given birth to number hazardous health ailments one of which is obesity. Many of my friends were suffering because of being overweight. To put an end to their affliction I decided to develop a platform which can guide and encourage people to eat the right food and stay fit,” Arsh Kumar,Founder.

The company plunged into giving reword the very concept of healthy eating. It is intrinsically involved in making the meal health-giving meals. The items in the menu are decided keeping in mind the choices of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians folks. Based on which Lite Diet concocts and serves a wide variety of nosh ranging from salads, soups, beverages, light meal and a full meal incorporating fruits, vegetables, sprouts, super foods and more. Along with this the company is also endeavours to educate the customers about the benefits of each ingredient which in turn helps them to keep a tab on their calorie intake and achieve their dietary goals. It has observes the unique ideology “Tuae divitiae salutis noster” which means ‘Your health is our wealth’ this in fact describes the essence of LiteDiet.

Rising above the Challenges
Running a business is no piece of cake. The prime mover of Lite Diet had to chance on many twists and turns at its nascent stage. Being a food business setting a mutual tune between customization, afford ability and taste is by a mile a challenging task. To set

Acknowledging the technological developments taking place we aspire to integrate technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, data mining, and neural networks

things in the right order, the company involved itself in executing shrewd research and analysis to probe the taste and preferences of the customers. This enabled it to compose a menu that fits the palate and appetite of each and every one. On the other hand, it grafted away measures to get raw material directly from the vendors in order to cut down the concocting as well as merchandising cost. “There were many challenges in the process of rustle up toothsome yet healthy food at reasonable price. We kept tabs on the slow moving items and reinvented the recipes to make it tastier without compromising on its beneficiality. And to keep our customers in a good mood, we keep rolling out interesting discounts to entice customers to have the taste of our special recipes.

Arsh began his entrepreneurial expedition at the age of 15 by conducting small sessions for small groups and communities which eventually grew into a fullfledged business. At a young age of 16 Arsh through Lite Diet’s unique offerings has brought smiles to many faces and won several hearts. Considering the growth rate of the company, the initiator has drawn up the plan of launching Lite Dite as a massive online selling platform. The grail is not only to corner the food industry but to step into the retail

space too. As far as its special board items are concerned, it intends to include specific diet styles such as keto, paleo, raw food, vegan and others. “Acknowledging the technological developments taking place we aspire to integrate technologies such as Machine learning, deep learning, data mining, and neural networks into our entre business and take t to an entire new level,” Arsh enthusiastically concludes.

Arsh Kumar, Founder
A young tech driven budding entrepreneur, Arsh is striding towards making live healthier through his out-of-the-box initiative Lite Diet. Through this platform he offers an extensive range of vegetarian and non vegetarian food items that suits the taste buds and fits the body. He is on the mission to drive healthy eating habits across all the society