LittleBird Rentals: A Premier Rental Platform for Baby Furniture & Equipment

Anurag Murali,Co-Founder
Anurag Murali,Co-Founder

Parenting comes with a price. For a newborn baby, it is a whole different story altogether. Whether it is clothing, a stroller or even a bassinet, all can be way too expensive. Moreover, it’s hard to identify what lasts longer or is it worth the investment. Because babies grow faster than anyone can think and a wise investment can prove to be beneficial in the long run. Today, smart parenting is all about renting!

In India, renting of baby products is still in a nascent stage when compared to the western markets. Anurag Murali, Co-Founder, LittleBird Rentals says, “When we look into the flourishing Indian online rental space, the baby care product market is still considered to be a niche segment and an untapped one. Foreseeing this along with the growing interest of parents to provide the child with the best quality products and for short duration, we came up with LittleBird, a complete baby product care rental platform.”

LittleBird Rentals is first-Of-its’s-kind curated baby furniture, and equipment rental
platform came into being.

"Striving to create a significant name in the baby care industry, Little Bird Rentals looks forward to building a brand that imbibes the trust in parents whenever it comes to renting for their child "

A Complete Gamut of Baby Product Offerings
LittleBird Rentals firmly believes that every child deserves the best and with the excellent rental plans it allows the parents not to worry about buying expensive products. As one of India’s first curated baby furniture and equipment rental platform, the company’s service offerings are completely tailor-made and purely focused to make baby care easier, safer and less stressful.

The company offers a whole range of clean and safe baby equipments on rent, where a customer can either buy a new piece of product or can rent a used one. “All our baby equipments are of superior quality and highly recommended for long-lasting durability, toughness and robust construction,” mentions Anurag. Ensuring that the products meet the end needs of the customers, the company has its own manufacturing unit. All the products are designed in-house and produced under strict supervision guaranteeing best-in-class quality, hygiene & safety.

Simplifying the experience of renting baby products, LittleBird has curated a gamut of products in
furniture, equipment, rooms along with customized packages. He explicates, “It is the whole consultancy element that we provide to educate our customers. For example, if a customer looking to rent a stroller, we provide an end-to-end service whereby we hand-hold them right from pick-up, delivery to installation.” The company puts it best to make the entire renting process easy & smooth and create a seamless experience for all.

The Growth Story
Since inception, the journey of LittleBirds has been an enthralling one. From setting up the website, conducting Google campaigns to identifying partners for providing equipment, the company has also solved the queries and make people understand about the product benefits on calls. Started off from Noida, LittleBird Rentals today has its presence across Delhi and NCR regions. Soon the company plans to launch its centre in metro cities. Striving to create a significant name in the baby care industry, LittleBird looks forward to building a brand that imbibes the trust in parents whenever it comes to renting for their child. Anurag asserts, “We are trying to collaborate with the packaging industries for better product durability. At the same time, it will also give an impetus to our brand.” Going ahead, the company wants to foray into various categories such as children toys, clothing and cater to the ergonomic furniture needs of school and nursery communities.