Live Linen: Ante Up Up The Luxury And Conscious Living

Nimit Singhi,  Founder

Nimit Singhi


The textile and garment industry in India is one of the oldest. Over the last few years, India has emerged as one of the world's fastest growing fashion markets. According to a recent report, it is expected to develop at a 15% CAGR until 2022 and become a $102 billion apparel market. The fashion business in India is expanding, as evidenced by the increasing number of designers, shops, stores, and design colleges. Our country's customers are getting more fashion-conscious. The growing middle class in our country is a major driver of the growth of the fashion industry. With the internet boom, the reach of Indian digitalization has increased, and following a similar trend, companies have entered this sector. Live Linen, established in 2020, is a luxury brand with sustainable core values that brings you carefully handcrafted clothing. A brand that thoroughly embarks through the realm of love & linen to discover comfort and elegance.

The lack of classic pieces and designs in the massive home furnishings and apparel market was a major factor in the decision to launch a new brand. “Since we were the pioneers of 100 percent pure linen clothing and the home furnishing industry in India, we initially faced many issues describing to people what linen fabric is, how it is made,
and why it is so luxurious to wear or use linen. Coming forward, people now know what linen is and have put their faith in Live Linen, and we aspire to maintain these personal relationships with our valuable customers. The company’s founder was inclined towards a minimalist lifestyle and conscious living which resulted in the foundation of Live linen. All of our collections use colours that are extracted from nature to lessen their environmental impact, reiterating a commitment to slow and eco friendly fashion for future generations”, says Nimit Singhi Founder.

Live Linen has a wide range of clothing and accessories from cosy Home Furnishing to Clothing that is made of pure European Linen. “We at Live Linen value quality above everything and offer pure European Linen without any blends. Our products are made of linen, a natural fabric that gives utter satisfaction, and the entire experience uplifts when there is 100% pure linen fabric. Our collections include linen clothing and home decor range with linen bedding, living room and more of such wonderful collection and more ”, speaks Nimit.

The company has been working on values with a sustainable approach towards society. The company has more than 16 talented members who put their hearts into making these beautiful products and providing people with the utmost luxury and comfort. The company’s client is from the late 20s to early 60s age group who enjoys art is meticulous, respects the work of craftspeople, and is a sustainability proponent. The right exposure to a number of esteemed publications, including Architectural Digest, PopXo, Business Standard, Vogue, Elle Decor, and Indian Express, has made their trip extraordinary. The company is highly active on social media sites and having more than 31,000 followers on Instagram shows the faith of the customers. Live Linen’s collections are based on a simple design ethos and are proud to produce timeless, minimalistic, and elegant designs that last a lifetime.

Plan Ahead
As a brand, Live Linen will take on the task of making slow fashion and sustainable living more widely recognized in the future years. To that end, it seeks to connect to worldwide businesses that share its distinct beliefs of never compromising on quality. Furthermore, it plans to open 2500+ physical stores in the next 3-5 years, despite the fact that its brand is currently purely digital. Because brand visualization is such an important element of the marketing process, they are constantly assessing and optimizing their growth.