LiveHealth: Med-Data Management Solutions for B2B & B2C Phases

Abhimanyu Bhosale,Co-Founder & CEO

Abhimanyu Bhosale

Co-Founder & CEO

A study centered on recent medical negligence cases filed in India delineates that 31.7 percent of the probes were due to improper management of medical records, a punishable offence under IMC Regulations. While on the patient lane, a torn medical report means time, money & effort in vain. This is exactly where the gravity of organizations such as LiveHealth emerges. Live Health is a perfect fix in both the craters with its cost effective solutions such as, end-to-end SaaS platform serving B2B, and Android/iOS solutions for B2C.

“The healthcare platforms spread across discovery, providers and delivery phases. We tap in to the three phases and provide solutions for all the layers,” asserts Abhimanyu Bhosale, Co-Founder & CEO, Live Health. The organization stands out from the peer group competitors that either provide comprehensive coverage of where the best doctors are located or medical enhancements. Walking a step ahead, LiveHealth doesn’t work in silos, but with its massive pool of information delivery, in-depth integration and end-to-end synchronization capabilities, it
provides the best integrated solution to the sector. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare providers, doctors and patients,” adds Abhimanyu.

LiveHealth’s B2B SaaS platform empowers the physicians to manage day-to-day process, medical records, patient profiles, procedures, billing and finances

The Service Model

Scrutinizing the lucrative digitization-probability of medical records system, Mukund Malani and Abhimanyu kick-started their ‘LiveHealth’ journey in 2013 from a diagnostic center in Pune. But the customers welcomed this beneficial effort with two-hands as an awaited elixir. Within eye-shut time, the duo exploded into two hundred centers spread across the globe, though the major wedge is in India. Today, the matured organization has a workforce of 36 humble people, and leads its services in two models – B2B & B2C. B2B SaaS platform is the diagnostics model which empowers the physicians to manage day-to-day process verticals including, but not limited to, medical records, patient profiles, procedures, billing and finances. Dr. Aditya Ingle, Physician, Aditya Pathology Laboratory is one among such satisfied physician who opines, “Easy accessibility from anywhere and from any device is one of the great features of the software. LiveHealth makes the user
experience a sheer bliss”. The price tag of the B2B solutions starts from Rs.999/month, while the premium enterprise model goes to Rs.14,000/month.The integration of information such as the physician GPS, specializations, tests provided and the reference about diseases across various apps has been a major pain-point of the B2C stratum.

LiveHealth heals this ache amalgamating every possible data required to complete an entire consulting process well-organized with its Android and iOS based platforms, which also help patients to manage their personal med-records in a secured manner. “We give them a separate login Id and password through which they can just login and share their medical records with diagnostic centers, doctors or hospitals,” adjoins Abhimanyu.

The Roads Ahead

As the healthcare space calls for the complete re-structure from the hassles such as unavailability and the opaqueness of medical reports, the organization is looking forward to process more and more healthcare data which is authorized by doctors, to an extent where the user has a complete possession of the reports. “We are currently working on a lot of interesting things. One of them is helping diagnostic centers simplify the whole process with no human error. To achieve this goal, we leverage many device & medical equipment manufacturers as well as the advantage of tomorrow’s technologies to deliver precision and eradicate manual error,” concludes Abhimanyu.