Liveon Healthcare: Strengthening Life

Brahmdev Pandey,Managing Director
Brahmdev Pandey
Managing Director

A vision to become a pioneer in introducing innovative and high-end quality products to people is what led to the foundation of Ahmedabad based Liveon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.The founder sensed an imperative need to provide proper perfect medical treatment and the idea was also to bridge the treatment gap that exists between the doctors and the patients. “Before venturing into Liveon,I observed that many healthcare companies were replicating each other’s products which collapsed with each other to get the prescription share from doctors. I made up my mind to focus on delivering timely and accurate treatment to the patients. I took substantial time to study the healthcare market of the other developed countries, their healthcare products and its usages. The deeper I researched, the more I found out that some of these combinations can turn out to be useful to the Indian patients. That was the eureka moment!
I have ensured that as a company our thoughts about growth and giving liveliness to the society are directed in the most positive ways,” speaks Brahmdev Pandey, Managing Director.

"As innovation and newness is in its gene, Liveon has been able to successfully introduce some unique products first time in India that enables doctors to serve their patients proudly"

As a women-focused healthcare company, Liveon Healthcare offers a complete gamut of products for all age bearing women with innovative formula. The company not only strives to provide quality medicines but also ensures to deliver innovative and sound therapy to improve the overall health of women. “With the help of such innovative and quality products, we are giving a complete solution of women problems and strengthening their lives. Doctors pass on these product benefits to their patients and can treat their patients successfully which help to increase their success rate,” he says.

While there are several other companies in the healthcare space developing and offering products related to women health, Liveon’s objective is to benefits the lives of woman,doctors and all other involved in the healthcare ecosystem. “As innovation and newness is in our gene, we have
been able to successfully introduce some unique products first time in India that enables doctors to serve their patients proudly,” he informs. The company has launched its first product Ovasital-F for PCOS patients. The formulation of Ovasital-F not only corrects insulin problem but also corrects psychological disorder& oocyte damage, unlike other competitor brands. “By this way, we are providing perfect treatment for PCOS patients. Today, Ovasital-F ranks number 1 brand in myoinositol and melatonin subgroup for PCOS. By serving these products, we are giving liveliness to society,” he proudly states.

The Journey
Liveon began its journey with a small but experienced and dedicated team and visited few doctors. Since then, it has come a long way. The company has attracted talents and the team is expanding their operations by launching new headquarters in all states. “We believe our biggest investment is the effort from our team. With this fastest growing women healthcare segment, Liveon wishes to maintain its recognition of one of the fastest growing organizations and envisions being among the top 5 Gynec companies in India. “We will launch other innovative and quality products to serve better to doctors and patients to strengthen their life,” he concludes.