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Azrael Mohammed,Founder / CEO

Azrael Mohammed

Founder / CEO

The simple phrase ‘People with Passion Can Change the World' once quoted by Steve Jobs is firmly believed to hold the secret to entrepreneurial success. This statement stands true in the case of M.D Azrael & Satvik Mahajan, the Directors of Livepedia India Private Limited, one of the leading creative marketing agency. The duo prior to founding Livepedia India were working at distinct entities in different job roles. Azrael is one of the early pioneers in the digital marketing space had begun his career in the marketing communications division of an event agency whereas Satvik, was a mechanical engineer by profession. But what brought them together in the common platform were their extreme passion and the unique vision. Azrael's zeal towards helping businesses to navigate the complicated journey with developing digital marketing strategies to grow their brand and Satvik's immense zest for creativity led them to start a company in the creative content space. Thus, they decided to combine their avidity along with the knowledge garnered and institutionalize a platform that confines around the concept of ‘One Umbrella-fits-all-needs'. Hence, Livepedia India came into existence.

Livepedia India was started with the mission to deliver a personal, passionate & tailored service to each and every client, irrespective of their sizes & locations. Explicating on the inception story, Azrael, Founder/CEO, Livepedia India, speaks, "Without passion, there would be no entrepreneurs. But without a vision, there would be no passion. I and Satvik identified our passion at a very early time and decided to give shape to it. Therefore, deciding why not to start something that would help the people & organizations in the fast pacing digital world along with anticipation our passion, we came up with Livepedia India - A 360-degree Marketing Agency."

Fortifying the fact that that there's no merit in one or two solutions as in ‘One Umbrella-fits-all-need for a marketing approach, Livepedia India does not refrain itself to one aspect. It rather strives to meet the requirement in forms of Content Writing, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, SEO to SEM. The company's creative, innovative digital marketing methods are able to apprehend the intent of the customers.Understanding the requirements, objectives and final scope of the clients business, the company delivers the best-in-class services and aligns them the organization goals. The major service offerings of Livepedia India include;
Creative Design Custom designed websites with strategic insights to generate greater brand engagement, higher conversions and measurable results.

Creative Content Content makes the difference and it’s at the heart of everything we do. Studying every aspect of a brand’s visual and verbal language.

Digital Marketing Our specialized marketing team dedicated towards conversions, repeat traffic, to expand your digital prominence to create qualified leads.

Search Marketing We create local and global campaigns blending paid and organic search to raise brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales.

and for more visit them online. The company aims to help businesses with generating leads & conversions, increase their local & global visibility through campaigns blended with organic & paid activities in raising brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales.

Bangalore based Livepedia India is a premier creative marketing company that visions to provide the most inventive, effective & honest internet marketing solutions in the industry

For a great brand to resonate, engage and remain in the hearts and minds of its intended audience, it needs to be relevant, valuable and constantly evolving. Livepedia India facilitates the brands with online marketing solutions to create prefect impression to their customers, thereby meets the clients, talk to them online & offline, examines how they work and interact. It also arranges in-depth interviews with the core team and thus, renders a 360-degree marketing service. Explaining on the unique process, Satvik Mahajan, Director/CFO, Livepedia India, states, "At the very initial stage we do competitors analyse and search metrics, critique their social media presence and audit their website for conversion strategies. Once the study is accomplished we present them the findings and discuss the concept that leads to achieving 10x brand growth."

Bangalore based Livepedia India is a premier award wining creative marketing company that visions to provide the most inventive, effective & honest internet marketing company in the industry. "Our main focus area is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and retention through clear communication and achievable campaign objectives. We enable businesses to scale with custom marketing budgets and high-end strategies," avers Azrael.

Livepedia India is a certified creative digital marketing
agency and a Google partner. With establishing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with clients, it has been able to cater 60+ clients that consist national large brands, smaller companies and so on. Surrounded by smart, passionate people and poised with best tools & approaches, the company collaborates, innovates & motivates to build successful growth. With the ideology ‘Our people drive our culture, but our ideas drive our growth', the founders together concludes, "We are adapting to the constantly changing environment of digital space. Mixing the right balance of strategy, design, content, marketing, and technology, we will try to ensure great digital experiences, and happy clients."

Satvik Mahajan, Director/CFO

Azrael Mohammed, Founder/CEO–A mature head who runs the digital department and entire creative agency, who will balance your diverse aims to reach your target audience. In most cases he is strategist, who once a Hipster, a Hacker and Hustler. His experiences and immense knowledge have enabled Livepedia India to achieve global heights.

Satvik Mahajan, Director/CFO– A First contact with an agency. The new business professional puts together a deal that matches your need and will be able to provide in-depth knowledge of the agency’s work, great case studies and references for you.

We are so proud of what you have helped us to create, and it looks aesthetically beautiful as well. Thank you so much for using your creative talent to help us. We look forward to working with you for our digital marketing campaigns, its always been a pleasure to work with Livepedia India- Neha Jaiswal -Manager Marketing - JEF TECHNO SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, Bangalore, India.

We enjoyed working with Livepedia India on our new website. The team had lots of ideas to make the website look great, as well as practical advice to ensure the site is both user-friendly and SEO-friendly. Everyone is delighted with the end result – in fact one comment was that the new website is “a million per cent” better than the old one! – SinduUmadevan – Managing Director – D Capital (Group of Diyane Software Pvt Ltd), Bangalore, India.

Core Differentiators:

Highly Experienced Team
Google Certified Agency
Dedicated Employees
Outstanding Offerings
Long-term Client Relationship