Livigro: Technology Built Healthcare Delivery Network

Naveen Vijayakumar,Co-Founder and COO
Naveen Vijayakumar
Co-founder and COO
Dr. Alban Michael, a doctor by qualification and a medical analyst once encountered a major problem in healthcare while he was getting a check-up done for his father. In the process of testing and diagnosing, what struck him was the overall cost which was way too expensive than estimated. Thinking hard on the matter, he decided to set up a venture that can assist the common people. Dr. Alban established Livigro, a first-of-its-kind online healthcare aggregator platform that provides affordable, hassle-free and quality healthcare services.

Dr. Alban explicates, “We believe that the obliviousness of one’s health could be prevented only when we partner with doctors and diagnostic laboratories on a single protocol driven technological platform. This will not only help in reducing the expenses but also avail the information in real-time and mediate a better healthcare delivery through collaborations.”

The Inter-operability Approach, Not the eCommerce Model
Madurai based Livigro aims to scale through alliances with doctors and laboratories. Not only this, Livigro strives to deliver uncompromised assurance to quality, accuracy and maintain affordable cost with continuously maintaining the high set of standards.

Driven by the agenda to create a quality healthcare ecosystem
instead of an ordinary healthcare platform, the company brings all the core components such as laboratory, doctor, pharmacies and allied healthcare providers under one roof. Through its exemplary doctor module, it allows a doctor to raise tests for patients, ensure labs of their choice to continue the process and push the reports to doctors simultaneously. “This is one of our key focus areas wherein we actually enable the inter-operability approach. I believe this makes us unique from the eCommerce model,” asserts Dr. Alban.

" Led by a team of seven employees Livigro has tied up with 20+ B2B clients, corporate and educational institutions"

At present, Livigro has perfected an absolute health management system which enables patients to take control and be informed of their health in real-time. The key offerings include diagnostic lab services, Health-Check-ups, Door Step Sample Collection, Agile Technology-imbibed services, Reliable and easily available online report delivery and others.

The Flagship offering – Livigro
Attuned to provide actionable personalized healthcare solution, Livigro strives to unite patients and healthcare providers through an intelligent technology driven symbiotic platform. Livigro is a tech-enabled module that renders health reports for medical stakeholders through machine learning and data analysis. “Our next-gen platform aids individuals to discover well-equipped labs and specialized doctors around them. Not only this, we enroll and book their tests and help them review it in just a click of a button,” says Naveen Vijayakumar, COO, Livigro. Additionally, the key specialities comprise of Diagnostic Labs, General Check-ups, Health Counselling, Scanning & Imaging,
DNA Testing & General Counselling, Personalized Diet Chart and more.

As a B2B and B2B2C platform, Livigro has been instrumental in leveraging a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) approach for doctors to maintain the complete patient management,for labs its ERP records the patient's appointment, and conducts follow-ups. Lastly, for the users, it acts as a one-stop shop for reaching out to healthcare providers and accessing all their health records.

Alban Michael
Founder & CEO

The journey of Livigro has been exceptional since inception. In fact, the company has been able to acquire patients much before rolling out in the market. Keeping in sync with the process of patient decision-making, the platform strives to prevent prescription error in India along with preventing communicable diseases. Led by a team of seven employees Livigro has tied up with 20+ B2B clients, corporate and educational institutions. Currently focused on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the company looks forward in collaborating with Govt. bodies and aims to add 40+ labs. In three-four years down the line, it desires to capitalize on the term ‘Are you on Livigro?'and be a dominant player in the healthcare sector.