LivNSense Technologies: Living Intelligence in Machines

Priyanka Kumar, Founder & Director Ajatashatru Singh, Co-founder & CPO ,Avnish Kumar, Mentor & Partner

Priyanka Kumar

Founder & Director

Bengaluru-based LivNSense is associated with giants such as Leadec Industrial Services and key partners like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Dell, Intel and others. With the strong support and mentoring of Mr Avnish Kumar, they established LivNSense Technologies- with an AI platform to digitize manufacturing value chain with a focus on industrial assets, supply chain and processes leveraging IIoT technologies.

Venturing as a tech startup focused on building next-generation digital solutions in Industrial, Energy, Chemical and Automotive domains, the company is offering an array of products in several verticals.

The product portfolio of LivNSense includes WELDSENSETM ­ Smart Welding Platform for Welding Machines, Condition Based Monitoring for Press/Paint Shops, PlantSight.AITM - an AI Platform for predictive maintenance of Chemical Plants and ViCASTM - AI Vision based Collision Avoidance System for Workers Safety among others. The solutions of the company while benefitting the manufacturing of real-time vending machines and others with optimized algorithms are also inclined towards the oil, gas & chemical industry.

Dealing with the huge industrial data comes with its own set of complications, especially managing the generated data points. "LivNSense handles highly mission critical information which is to be populated in sub-second. It is a time-critical and performance-oriented task that is managed using a platform called iSense4i," says Mr Avnish Kumar.

The proficient team of LivNSense is constantly striving to bring more such innovations in the domain. The team encompasses well-skilled professionals who can build optimized algorithms to address is issues. They choose the right technology, leverage the benefits and integrate them to build strong sensors and other systems. The dexterous squad includes experts in product engineering, embedded/industrial devices, cloud, and predictive analytics focused on
developing unconventional and innovative solutions.

Conceptualized in 2018, the company has been working with some of the big wheels of the industry. With all this, the company has witnessed an overwhelming client base and has been growing steadily in both USA and India. Priyanka exclaims, "We are proud partners of a leading chip manufacturing major, they provide us hw platforms to execute our projects. All the semicon partnership caters to are custom-made for us. They are investing time, energy and money to provide us with a personalized product to suit our requirements; hence our products are unique in the market."

Livnsense has witnessed an overwhelming client base and has been growing steadily in both USA and India

Having its presence in India and the USA, LivNSense is looking forward to expanding further. The innovative brand is also on the verge of launching a product that is AI vision-based, and will be driven from the US market.

Weldsense TM
Offers technology for weld data monitoring in real-time using multiple connectivity technologies that can sustain the adverse RF environment in manufacturing.

Condition Based Monitoring For Press Shop And Industrial Motors
Designs solutions to identify the real cause of breakdown for motors, which could vary from bearing faults, stator fault and winding fault, rotor and shaft/coupling faults

“Bengaluru-based livnsense is associated with giants such as leadec industrial services, microsoft azure, google cloud, dell and others”

AI Led Predictive Quality For Paint Shop
Facilities real-time analysis of paint quality, predictability of operations, reduced energy consumption, real-time tracking and alerts, automated report generation

Industrial Assets & Worker Tracking
Works on conferring real-time and centralized view on location of these assets can help improve the utilization and reduce cost of operation

Industrial Iot Platform
Provides contextual and consolidated view of critical assets and business systems from disparate data source for customers, partners and services with context using multiple devices/interfaces

Smart Diagnostics
Assists accurate efficiency and performance history combined with predictive analytics enable improved assets up time and reduce breakdowns by incorporating operators, process and assets data mining

Interactive Immersive
Creates a seamless and desirable experience for the smart factory spectrum through predictive, natural and invisible user touch points across the factory eco systems