Livwize: The Go-To Place for all Your Home Automation Needs

Nikhil Gupta,FounderThere is no denying the fact that automation is the future of the world and it is set to bolster a wave of connectivity in this hyper competitive ecosystem. With this rapid development of automation technologies featuring IoT and AI, the concept of home automation has finally turned into a reality and people are slowly adapting to this new way of living. India is no exception to this manifestation and is well positioned in the Global Home Automation market with the segment expected to grow up to INR 55,000 cr by 2024. Given the growth convention in the industry, home automation space of the country is flourishing with opportunities and is providing businesses with a room to manoeuvre. Nikhil Gupta, a professional enthusiast realized that there is a lot of scope in this market and started studying about the field wherein he did a lot of research and development with numerous testing phases which in turn led to the establishment of Livwize an affordable and smart home automation and IoT solution provider. "The concept of home automation is slowly gaining ground in the Indian market and many new players are coming up in this landscape but most of them lack `affordability.'That is what we offer to our
customers at Livwize a one stop shop for affordable automation solutions," says Nikhil Gupta, Founder, Livwize.

An ultimate marketplace for all your smart solutions, Livwize offers end-to-end customised solutions that assist the clients in automating their homes at a very economical price. From plug n play smart home devices to luxury end complete home automation solutions, the company provides both basic home starter kit to an home ultimate kit that comes with sensors, cameras and curtain control. "As a home grown startup, we rely on the principles of affordability, high quality, and support which makes us different from other companies in the field. We have also embraced the usage of IoT technology in our operations and are constantly working towards incorporating latest innovations," avers he.

An ultimate market place for all your smart solutions, Livwize offers end-to-end customised solutions that assist the clients in automating their homes at a very economical price

Steering Through the High Tides
With India being a very sensitive market for such solutions, Livwize had to navigate through a number of hurdles along the way and mitigate through them to ensure a strong position in the market. From service issues to high automation prices, the company took up one challenge at a time and stabilized itself as one of the most successful players in the market. Started with ready-to-use home devices, it has now moved to fully customizable home automation solution provider. Currently based in Delhi, the startup's growth graph is rising exponentially and is eyeing revenue of INR 50 lakhs in this financial year which is expected to grow three folds in the next year. The company is also focusing on investing in real estate segment and is also finalizing its channel partners in the North India region. Backed by a team of technology enthusiast and professionals, Livwize strives to create awareness about the technology and solutions. "Brand awareness and creating more channel partners in other cities is going to be our focus next year. We are also planning to multiply in other areas after setting a strong foot in sales and service,"he concludes.