Logical Life Science: Driven With A Vision To Make Break Through Discoveries In The Life Science Research Areas

  Sameer Ahmad Chiloo,    Managing Director

Sameer Ahmad Chiloo

Managing Director

Today, there are numerous organizations such as Biocon, Intas, Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech, Wockhardt, and many more that present a perfect example of entrepreneurship in the Biotechnology & LifeScience sector, in India. Post-Covid startups in the Life science domain have started to emerge as key drivers of economic growth and job creation, in India further the startup ecosystem created by the government has encouraged and supported many of the Life Science startups to tackle this pandemic and other related health issues.

Today, the research pace, innovation, creativity, problem solving and advanced technology are still lagging in our industry. There are not many companies that provide research based services, especially in the Cell & Immuno biologics that are efficient, reliable, and provide results that are accurate with a fast turnaround time. Established in 2020, Logical Life Science is an ISO-certified and GLP recognized contract research organization based in Pune that is vesting its focus on Cell biology, Cancer biology, and T-cell and B-cell immunobiology. The rich industry expertise of the firm has motivated them to take research to another level which helps in providing cutting-edge solutions in the biotherapeutics sector.

"The Covid pandemic had led to a surge and high focus research in the virology and related sciences and a field of opportunity has opened up for the healthcare sector towards understanding the new challenges and preparing itself for any new health disasters. The Covid pandemic has also highlighted the need and importance of the biopharmaceutical industry in identifying and creating new therapeutic options. Another major contributor to the emerging opportunities in this field is the growing demand for newer and better drugs and therapies", says Gowhar Nabi Wani, Director of Logical Life Science.

"At Logical Life Science, we work with Universities, Biotech Firms, BioPharma companies, as well as individual researchers. We provide the industry, with leading technologies for R& D such as invitro drug screening and drug development for pharmaceutical companies. We also provide consultancy services in the field of flow cytometry, cell culture, and cell sorting technologies. We aim to become the first choice partner in the field of cellular and molecular research with a metacognitive approach. We believe that such advanced services could be provided if efforts are channelized and thus, we bridged this gap by bringing in a team of experts with the latest updated technology that can contribute immensely towards solving critical problems in a short period and provide unmatched solutions", adds Dr. Nishant Vyas, Lab Director, Logical Life Science.

Led by a Team of Visionaries
The core management of Logical Life Science comprises of Dr. Nishant Vyas, Lab director, takes care of the daily management of the lab and heads a scientific team comprised of Postdocs, PhDs, and
postgraduates. He has completed his research work from Helmholtz, Germany, currently working on a wide spectrum of research projects and protocol development in the field of Immunology and Cancer biology. With 11 years of experience in multicolor flow cytometry, he is dedicated to all lab operations, including research design, experimental procedures, laboratory policies, and quality control of results. He has also published many peer-review papers from the lab and created a very intellectual research network of medical professionals, scientists, professors, pharma professionals, and students in a very short period.

Sameer Ahmad Chiloois the firm's Managing Director and has an industry experience of more than 20 years in the Life Science & Biotech industry. He has worked with leading Life Science companies like Sigma Aldrich, Becton Dickinson, Quest Diagnostics,Biocon and MiltenyiBiotec. He is a bio-entrepreneur and a Managing Director in Logical Life Science. He creates value for the company by managing the company's operations and gives strategic guidance and direction to the board to ensure that the company achieves its mission and objectives.

Gowhar Nabi Wani is the Director of Operations at Logical Life Science. He holds a vast experience in the Wellness & Healthcare sector. He is a certified cupping therapist and a health coach. As a certified NLP coach, he has helped hundreds of clients from the corporate and sports industry. He has over 18 years of experience in Hospital management, medical tourism, and sports rehabilitation. He takes care in setting company goals and objectives and builds relationships with external experts and agencies through seminars, conferences, and professional networking. He also handles the daily operations of the organization.

Setting New Benchmarks
Logical Life Science is known for its high accuracy research and testing services in Immunology, T-cell biology, anticancer drug screening, and immunomodulatory drug screening & mechanism analysis. Our lab provides industry leading technologies such as Multicolor flow cytometry and MACS (magnetic assisted cell sorting), along with rapid and modern drug screening analyses that are biologically more relevant than other conventional techniques. These technologies enhance the research output by providing high throughput, quantitative data that empowers and expedites drug development.

"With our highly skilled team and our close association with hospitals, we have embarked upon a journey to propel conventional techniques and technologies to better suit modern needs for which we have worked- upon and optimized several protocols such as Mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR), in vitro T cell activation, Genotoxicity assays, immune cell sorting, cytokine multiplexing assay, monocyte-to-dendritic cell differentiation, testing of innate immunogenicity and adaptive immunogenicity as well as single-cell cloning of human T cells. These techniques/protocols are crucial for drug screening and drug development as mandated by regulatory bodies around the globe. The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry could be benefitted from such services because they are accurate, and rapid and provides deeper insight into the efficiency of drugs and their mechanism at the cellular level", elaborates Sameer Ahmad Chiloo, Managing Director, Logical Life Science.

Charting the Path Ahead
Logical Life Science's journey so far has led us to the optimization of 23 protocols, the acquisition of 17 clients, and collaboration with over 10 research projects. The firm has published 12 research articles in reputed journals in the last two years. To add to this, the firm has also initiated localized services in Pune. Today, Logical Life Science has clients from Gulf, Africa, Europe, and the US.

So far, the firm has been achieving its mission and constantly raising the bar higher to achieve its future goals. For the benefit of the company and the research industry, Logical Life Science is currently collaborating with Biopharma Industries, Healthcare institutes, and Hospitals to expand its horizon and establish large-scale primary cell based screenings, and cell-based therapies against cancer, and venturing into new product development. Such growth and expansion will provide immense opportunities to India's biotechnology and Life science sector.