Logikarts: A Fresh Approach towards Logistics

Shashank Pandey,  Founder & CEO

Shashank Pandey

Founder & CEO

When one thinks about product services, it is always intermittently linked to logistics owing to the growing global connectivity. Evidently, logistics is the backbone of almost every sector, but it is weak and highly unorganised in India. With India Post covering around 21,000 postal codes while courier services covering only 9,000, there is a huge gap within the logistics industry and at the same time, a huge market for the logistic aggregators to tap in. A professional experience of four years in the logistics industry and a detailed observation propelled Shashank Pandey (Founder & CEO) to establish Logikarts in 2015 to bridge this gap between the veteran organisation and the courier industry of India. Alongside, Logikarts’ in-house IT team led by Rajesh Singh who brings over 25 years of experience in Technology brings the total experience of the management to over 50 years, which helps Shashank and team to offer cutting-edge service. As an aggregator, the company acts as a link between the client and the courier service providers aiming to cover maximum ground with its International Packaging, Express Service and Priority Services, which are complemented by cash on delivery and a robust platform for ease of communication.

Logikarts’ uniquely designed tracking app helps clients track the exact location of the package at any time under transit, the delivery status and service time required, thus reducing the case of faulty delivery

Taking the Unconventional Path

With the dawn of Digital India, e-Commerce and logistics industry will be undergoing a phenomenal expansion which can only be fulfilled by an efficient delivery. Logikarts aims to nullify the current lack of communication between these industries, especially in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. With old services going redundant, the company has built an innovative platform which would address the clients digitally. The clients can choose from numerous Logikarts services ranging from Express Service via which packages of certain dimensions can be sent within an agreed time frame, Priority Services which, as the name suggests, would prioritise that particular delivery, and International Packaging that includes timely delivery of all documents overseas. Logikarts also adds the personal touch of insurance for overseas deliveries ensuring security.
Being a one-stop shop for all the logistic needs including last mile deliveries (a neglected segment by the competitors) helps Logikarts reduce clients’ dilemma to a bare minimum. Keeping this in mind, the company has developed a platform to deliver such services via India Post which it cannot fulfil for any reason. The uniquely designed tracking app helps clients track the exact location of the package at any time under transit, the delivery status and service time required, which considerably reduces the case of faulty delivery. Combine this with delivery status notification, free storage in case of undelivered goods, cash on delivery, warehousing & inter-city delivery, prepaid and standard deliveries make the company stand headstrong among the competition.

The Journey

Like every success story, Logikarts journey was no cakewalk. During its initial days, convincing clients and assuring them of responsible capital dealings were tough nuts to crack. “Gaining trust is a challenge,” states Shashank. Uncertainties by the clients owing to disparity in the business model were rectified by gathering appropriate feedback and fabricating the universally approved business plan. While India Post’s reachability was beyond question, Logikarts aligned with local courier service providers at economical rates, thus ensuring a steady business for both the organizations and mutual trusts, and play at par with the veteran courier service provider. This unique step is helping the emerging and established e-Commerce giants to tap into the unexplored locations, which were beyond their reach till now. Believing in automated work rather than manual, the company stores the best minds with logistic knowledge and provide them intensive trainings, all focused towards business expansion and increasing the shipment from Logikarts.