LongHaul Konnect: Striving Towards Becoming India's Leading and Preferred Integrated Logistics Aggregator

Anu Somani,Advisory Head

Anu Somani

Advisory Head

Residing in a state of flux for the past few years especially with the insurgence of digital technologies, the logistics industry has been a thriving do-main equipped with many possibilities. Leveraging the opportunities thrown by the industry, the fleet management sector adapted to these contemporary changes and demands by plunging into the avalanche of new-age technologies. Truck aggregators armed with technology, user-friendly mobile applications and KYC verified fleet owners are creating a niche for themselves while providing reliable trucks at competitive truck hire charges.

The shift in the approach of major business houses while opting to adopt real-time biding, sourcing and placement of trucks provided by renowned transport companies over their portals have been converting the supply and sourcing into demanding and competitive factors. Addressing these existing gaps, LongHaul Konnect has not only risen as one of the most significant market forces driving the industry at present but is determined to emerge as an `Amazon' and `UBER' for the Logistics Industry in the future.

An Eminent Expedition
Consistently striving towards becoming India's leading and preferred Integrated Logistics Aggregator, LongHaul Konnect was established in 2017 with a notion to provide innovative, cost-effective and technology-driven solutions to meet customer expectations and enhance stakeholder value." Incepted as Long-haul Logistics, the re-christening of LongHaul Konnect happened in 2017­2018, when the Industry recognized the fact that almost 80% of the logistics
spent in our country was on 80% truck owners owning 5 to 25 trucks.

It was also recognized that the truck owner managed to secure loads from his native place meanwhile struggling to get loads on the return, leading to many trucks returning with-out loads. Eventually, the empty backhauls had a catastrophic impact on truck hire cost, which apart from the cost of fuel, toll, tyres had to be regulated.

In doing so there was a lot of incentives, we enhanced the profitability of the logistics business by offering loyalty pro-grams for purchasing Fuel, FASTag's, Tyres, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Marine Insurance, GPS, Lubricants and getting ancillary services at discounted prices, landing prices, lower than the market price," states Jose Chandy, Vice President, LongHaul Konnect.

Engulfed by Modern Technologies
Being smart fleet management and e-commerce wallet for the digitally powered fleets across India, LongHaul Konnect sources trucks from thousands of verified and registered fleet owners associated with it through Saathi Mobile Application at competitive truck hire charges to fulfil the demands of transporters engaged in B2C business. "Our Saathi App is an ideal Mobile App for Shippers (OEMs, Traders and Transporters) and Fleet owners to source as well as supply trucks of different size and capacity to suit their requirements and timelines cost-effectively and reliably.

Being a start-up offering Truck aggregation services through its digital medium and inherent industry expertise, we partner with leading OEMs to promote the concept of community buying and to provide comprehensive solutions, thereby helping our clients with ease of purchase, maximize profits, enhance efficiency and reduce cost.," avers Jose Chandy.

India's leading online marketplace for logistics industries, where varied services are rendered under one roof, Longhaul Konnect aims at revolutionizing the logistics industry by pioneering a path-breaking, data science-driven fleet management and on the fly procurement solution to truck/fleet owners. "We would want to eliminate the entire nuisance associated with truck placements through unorganized associates and create an eco-system amongst the organized sector that would complement each other through total transparency ­ zero poaching of customers, competitive truck hire charges and reliable, committed time bond services.

Extending loyalty programs, incentives and discounts on all the ancillary services, we plan to create more conducive en-route facilities for the convenience of drivers. By promoting parallel value propositions viz., timely and online payment to vendors, we intend to manage this fleet LongHaul intends to become the `Amazon' and `Uber' for the Indian logistics industry," concludes Jose Chandy.