Ludo Fun: Safe Online Gaming Platform to Enjoy Multiplayer Ludo

Ajay Pariya,Managing Director

Ajay Pariya

Managing Director

Over the last one decade, the market of skill based gaming startups has evolved rapidly in India. Several experts have predicted that this industry has a great potential and therefore so many gaming startups are rising. Infact, last five years were very crucial for this industry, especially the time of COVID-19. The Indian government is also taking the skill-based gaming sector quite seriously and it is going to introduce some rules and regulations to regulate it because this industry contributes a great revenue share in the Indian economy.

Once it becomes well organized, then it will become quite easier for the startups to enter in this market and grab the opportunity. Metaverse, Web3 and 5G technologies are developing and these will help gaming industry a lot. Customers are looking for safer gaming platforms where they can be fully assured that they will not be cheated or attacked by hackers or bots because usually in this industry hackers try to bypass the security and cheat the game.

Ludo Fun is an online multiplayer gaming platform where players can move the pawns or tokens strategically and compete with other gamers without being worrying about
any kind of interference from hackers. Ludo Fun is a venture of Sole seed that is a mobile app development, web development and online gaming company. The firm has more than 8 lacs verified gamers and 15,000 daily active gamers. Almost 5,000 new gamers are registering on the platform daily. Ludo Fun is offering instant payment withdrawal, additional rewards on inviting friends, 24x7 customer support and different gaming modes like 2 Players, 4 Players, Private Room, Local and Computer Game. “Since its inception, our company has always focussed on lowering its charges and offering higher rewards to its gamers”, says Ajay Pariya, Managing Director.

Ludo Fun is focusing on games that are based on Web3 and Metaverse because ultimately it is going to be the future of gaming industry

Introducing Latest Technologies in Gaming
Ajay Pariya is a 20 year old techy guy who has a great experience of software development, web development and digital marketing. He along with Suraj Palsania, launched the firm on May 17, 2021. The beginning was quite tough for the company as it faced so many difficulties in building a safe environment for gaming to ensure fair play, marketing the application, collecting payments and retaining the gamers.

At present, the company has a team of around 15 employees who are working physically and remotely in the company. Its yearly turnover is nearly 50 crore rupees and it is completely a bootstrapped company. The firm was started just with around 1 lakh rupees and it worked at zero profit or salary for around 8-9 months of the beginning. Ludo Fun has more than 8 lac verified players and it is estimated that it will hit one million by the end of January 2023.

In Ludo Fun, the company is going to introduce some new features like turbo mode, timer mode and 3d ludo game in the coming future. Moving forward, the firm is also trying to expand into different categories of skillbased gaming. Therefore, it is going to introduce chess gaming and a few more games by the end of next year. The company is focusing on games that are based on Web3 and Metaverse because ultimately it is going to be the future of gaming industry.