Luein Analytics: Transforming Business Challenges into Tangible Outcomes

Harendra Singh,DirectorThe economical unrest across the globe due to the Covid19 pandemic has affected different industries. Several businesses have gone through revenue hassles. It has impacted many product launches and marketing strategies to an extent that numerous industries and global businesses were compelled to either cease, halt or even shut their operations. Now, when businesses are trying to refurbish their existence across the globe, AI consulting service is helping companies to improve their business through artificial intelligence. It is an analytics technology that enables organizations to understand and automate processes and give efficiencies when one needs to manage the complexities of dynamic technological advances.

Luein Analytics established in 2017 is a next-generation AI consulting Services Company that helps organizations across diverse industries, make smarter decisions, implement and optimize Artificial Intelligence and analytics solutions. The real AI journey of Luein Analytics started way back in early 2014 in Bangalore, when founder Harendra Singh was working on Natural Language processing use cases. He realized at a very
early stage that AI and process automation is going to be a big game-changer in the approaching days to solve real-time automation challenges. He gave in-dependent AI consulting to multiple big and small companies till early 2017. Subsequently seeing a similar business challenge trend across diverse domains, he finally started Luein Analytics in May 2017. Later in June 2017, the firm signed up its first customer from the Philippines, and currently, it has delivered 100+ products & services with 36 satisfied customers to date.

Luein helps the customers maximize the power of their data to solve their most challenging tasks by combining industry expertise, leading cloud platforms, and data science "Around 59% of organizations named a shortage of data science talent as the primary barrier to realizing value from their big data technologies. We help these organizations with our unique solutions to unlock value, make real-time decisions and fill the talent gap at the early stage of AI adoption journey by building a core scalable AI foundation in their organization" signifies Harendra Singh, Director and Founder at Luein Analytics.

The AI service offerings provided by the company can be broadly divided into three areas namely AI Opportunity Analysis, AI Strategy Consulting, and Custom AI Solution. The AI opportunity Analysis services assist the client find the lowest hanging fruits for AI-driven automation with clarity on the potential ROI and prepares them for future automation opportunities. Wherein, if the clients are don't have an idea to precede, the AI Strategy Consulting service aids to bring the clients' vision to life and move their AI agenda forward. Further, the Custom AI Solution is for the clients who want to get complex AI systems developed by experts. The firm starts with the business goals, followed by an analysis of the current technology stack, data availability, and more. The Luein Analytics team consists of some of the brightest minds in statistics, math, programming, and technology who are obsessed with how AI is defining the customer experience.

Moreover, Luein Analytics has grown multifold since its inception and further targets 1million USD in the current year. As the company has a service partner in Malaysia, it has foresighted to expand its presence in the country. Also, it is keenly looking forward to expanding its presence in the US, majorly in California, as most of the US-based clients that the company has worked with were purely from Silicon Valley and saw good traction coming out from there. Besides, Luein still aspires to stick with the same principle of adding more value to the clients.