Lycan Biotech: Revolutionizing the Healthcare Realm Offering Innovative yet Cost-effective 3D Printing Services

Rahul Singh,FounderThere is no doubt in the fact that in today's era, technology has made our lives quite easy and simultaneously efficient as well. And people have been using it for benefiting themselves in numerous ways. One such technology is - Printing technology, better known and utilized as 3D printing. It is basically a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Amazing, right? No wonder, its applications are more amazing and are proven revolutionizing in various sectors; the medical realm being one of them.

Though the global 3D printing market size is slated to reach $51.77 billion by 2026, surging at a CAGR of 25.8 percent during the forecast period, the rising application of 3D printing technology in healthcare is set to gain prominence as a key growth driver for this market in the forthcoming years. Contributing its best to this sector while being a key growth driver for the market is Lycan Biotech (LYBIO), a Bangalore-based healthcare startup. Leveraging the potential of 3D printing technology, the firm aims to empower a transformation in the healthcare sector by providing customized `Doctor-Patient Centric' Solutions.

Solutions for Empowering Transformation
Thriving under the leadership of Rahul Singh (Founder), LYBIO's dedicated offerings are poised to transform the healthcare sector making such things possible which were once considered as a concept or just theories in the paper. For instance, by using the CT or MRI imaging data of the patients, LYBIO reconstructs 3D models with great accuracy. These 3D modeling can make viewing anatomical images intuitive across all clinical specialities leading to better diagnoses, surgical planning, education, and outcomes. They are further used in the precision simulation of clinical procedures like insertion of guide wire and catheter along with providing accurate experiences of procedures like cutting and suturing. Other benefits of such models are its simplicity, which allows doctors to have better communication with a patients' family (if needed).

LYBIO excels in providing services pertaining to 3D Printed Case-Specific Anatomical Models, Anatomical Models, Patient-Specific
Implants, Surgical Guides, Fractured Casts and much more in the organization. "All of us are aware of the potential of the use of 3D printing across sectors. However, the healthcare industry was one of our main focus as it provides us with a sense of satisfaction of saving people's lives and offering them solutions to negate the need for any secondary surgeries required. As our team comprises of well-learned experts from across the globe specializing in 3D printing, we choose the medical line following its advantages to the patients. Our offerings have enabled doctors to reduce their surgical times by 40 percent in highly critical cases and has also reduced the risks involved in the surgery," asserts Rahul.

Expertise & Differential Factors
LYBIO is also renowned in the industry for establishing Point of Care Labs in medical hospitals and colleges. After installing the lab, LYBIO works with radiologists in medical hospitals to equip them with state-of-the-art and advanced visualization tools that can aid the doctors by the creation of customized guides and tools required by the surgeon in the hospital itself. LYBIO's services are crafted with great veracity and are dedicated to providing healthcare organizations with new insights to improve patient care while simultaneously driving profitability at every step in the healthcare value chain. From helping doctors boost their confidence in diagnoses, to the reduced surgery time & cost, and from offering patients savings on surgical expenditure to reduced post-operative recovery time & expenses, LYBIO's offerings act as a catalyst of advancement & simplification for both the doctors and patients.

Lybio's services are crafted with great veracity and are dedicated to providing healthcare organizations with new insights to improve patient care while simultaneously driving profitability at every step in the healthcare value chain

What makes LYBIO an unrivalled player is the expertise of its enthusiastic team of professionals. Backed by such a strong team of biomedical engineers, design engineers and medical experts, the firm tends to offer top-quality services in the industry. The clinical experts are all well versed with using advanced visualization software in the creation of the tools required by the surgeon. Additionally, LYBIO's clinical experts take additional efforts to ensure that the entire surgery is done with great ease. In order to keep fulfilling the ever-changing requirements of the doctors, the team interacts with them thoroughly during the design process.

"With the pandemic coming to a near end, our clientele, such as Hospitals are now starting to undertake more of planned surgeries. We at LYBIO are looking to expand our presence across the country. Our first step to achieve the same will be to conduct awareness drives regarding the use of immersive technologies like 3D printing, virtual surgery planning and virtual reality across at various forums and conducting conferences on the same. Apart from that, for this year we have a plan to launch a VR tool for the medical education sector. The project is bound to create a paradigm shift for medical education and would be a landmark for the medical system" concludes Rahul stating about LYBIO's future plans.

Rahul Singh, Founder
A professional with unmatchable leadership quality, Rahul is a hustler who focuses on taking risks in developing novel technologies to ensure that the critical medical emergency care is met for everyone across the country at the earliest.