Lynkit: Orchestrating Efficiency into the Supply Chain

Sadhika Kumar,Chief Operating Officer

Sadhika Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

In the era of digital transformation, technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including in the way that businesses function. Every industry is continuously adopting newer technologies to be better connected with their customers and to improve efficiency. However, the logistics industry have been a little slower in adopting new-age technologies, more so in the Indian context, leading to high costs and lower than global standards in timeliness. This inspired the founders to setup Lynkit, for addressing the problems of logistics and supplychain management industry. "Our journey began with the quest to build a marketplace for courier and logistics companies who serve the e-commerce industry. We spent a lot of time exploring the market, studying processes and closely interacting with e-commerce platforms, large & small businesses, fleet owners, and even truck drivers. This research led us to find inefficiencies in every leg of the process and we saw opportunities in finding solutions for each of these problems, says, Sadhika Kumar, co-founder. She goes on to add, "My experience of working as a consultant and transport economist in the west coast with a
fortune 200 company combined well with the technology skills of our co-founder, Uddhav".

As a full-service software company for SCM industry, Lynkit has combined the use of mature technologies like GPS, RFID and RTK along side of emerging technologies like LoRaWAN and Blockchain to offer off-the-shelf products as well as enterprise solutions to clients. The company has developed a number of B2B applications - (a blockchain based transport management system), Lynktrac (An IoT platform for real-time track & trace of cargo), Lynkgrid (a 3D imaging based solution for optimising storage and retrieval of assets), and PikMyBox (an application for cross border documentation for ecommerce exports). "We are most proud to have grown into a product company in the SCM industry", says Uddhav. "Building solutions which solves the client's problem or improves their efficiency is our mantra at Lynkit. Our tech, sales and support teams all work together under one roof, and this is where our strong execution comes form. Each team provides different, complementary insights, helping us create robust solutions that are not only limited to software but are a combination of hardware, software and service. We harbour a culture of deep innovation at our company and are constantly investing in skill development which eventually helps us to develop better, more innovative products for our customers".

Our moment of pride came when Lynkit made it to the Linux Foundation Blockchain Showcase

Lynkit has rapidly moved into the telematics industry to meet the needs of tracking shipments and providing real-time visibility. Then came the use of real-time kinematics and 3D imaging. Today, Lynkit offers a full spectrum of applications which can cater to all or any one segment of the supply chain and can also seamlessly integrate with each other. Lynkit's solutions are now being used by over 2,000 companies and has partnered with Incheon Port, KL-Net, CUPIA to explore business opportunities at home and overseas. In two and half years we have quadrupled our sales, and our team size has grown from 5 to 50. We've been really lucky to have a talented, motivated team, who goes above and beyond in taking the company along its growth journey.