Maak Impex: An Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Manufacturer & Provider

Ameen Rahaman,Chairman & Managing Director

Ameen Rahaman

Chairman & Managing Director

Since the days of yore, humans have substantially led a harmonious life with the nature, utilizing its natural resources, however today the humankind has evolved and so has it needs. Direly, overwhelmed with their complex desires and comfort driven lifestyle needs, they have been over exhausting the limited natural resources and polluting the environ. Resultantly, the current decade is deluged with the unprecedented threats to this kind & awarding nature, and the human race is striving to restore this unbalance caused in the ecosystem. To be true biodegradable waste management through production and usage of biodegradable products is the only way it can be done. Many players in the market have already been playing their part providing sustainable and biodegradable products to the human population, and Maak Impex, a Bengaluru based Bio degradable products manufacturer is one of those gems.

Maak Impex is an organization that holds itself highly responsible towards the Mother Nature and offers a range or biodegradable products and solutions to people fulfilling their packaging and other lifestyle needs. “In today’s dynamic and ever changing scenario where consumers are seeking protective & hygienic solutions over plastics, we have brought in a range of products like C-Channel Paper Pallet, Eco Friendly Tableware, and EcoFriendly Building & Homes. Our range of

BIOGREEN Bags are 100percent Biodegradable, made of natural material, like sugarcane, starch and vegetable oil derivatives.

When littered, they compost in 180 days in a composting facility or less meeting the Global standards ASTM D 6400 & EN 13432”, says Ameen Rahaman, CMD, Maak Impex. Ensuring that there’s no loss in forest green cover, the company procures the raw materials through Controlled Contract Forest for the manufacturing of heavy duty C-Channel Paper Pallet.

Maak Impex has proven it just right. Delivering human centric solutions that is entirely ecofriendly and biodegradable

Kickstarted during the delusional times of COVID-19 in 2020, Maak Impex has taken firm initiatives considering the consumers anxiousness & fear of the virus transmission through surface which includes a range of products like Antiviral Coating for Paper, Plywood Boxes & Shrinkwrap (Hand& Machine), Antiviral Wall Paint for Hospitals, Homes & Interiors, and Antiviral Solution for Clothing,Linen, Furnishing & Hospital Bed Sheets. Though, antimicrobial or hygienic coatings have been around for many years, what significantly differentiates Maak’s Antimicrobial coatings is its active protection quality against microorganisms in the applied film state, rather than just in can preservation. It is suitable for different types of surfaces like wood, paper, plywood boxes and more. The Anti-viral Smart Colours Paints Viro Guard (Premium Emulsion) and Viro Shield (Luxury Emulsion) that Maak has launched is uniquely engineered, and patented with Silver based Antimicrobial technology. Due to this direct cross-linking technology of the Silver with the Polymer, these products possess durable & longterm efficacy. Not to be missed, the Maak Antiviral Paints represent N9 World Technologies and Resil to promote anti viral application in the packaging, interiors & paint sector in India and the Middle East. Lastly the product segment that significantly emphasizes on people’s personal safety from virus spread is Maak Viroban N9 Antiviral Protection Xts-18 solution. This surface sanitizing solution provides antiviral & antibacterial protection and is suitable for different fibre types & furnishing.

As it’s said, a change is appreciated only when it comes with a promise of positive outcomes for all, Maak Impex has proven it just right. Delivering humancentric solutions that is entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable, it has made a proposed shift towards a plastic free economy. Ameen Rahaman concludes, “Our focus is to provide solutions that creates human connect, hence we wish to grow ubiquitously with the same innovative spirit further”.