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Nihal Upadhyay, Co-Founder & CEO,Vijay Patel, Co-Founder & COO
Nihal Upadhyay, Co-Founder & CEO

The constant evolution of productive processes and the rapid emergence of competitors have generated a change in the market where products have turned into commodities and price and quality are seen as not so influential factors throughout the negotiation process. Factors such as the speed in which a product reaches the customer, the use of technologies for instance traceability and the guarantee that products will not arrive damaged are dominating the industry. To achieve this, companies are increasingly seeking assistance from logistics operators to handle the entire process - from customs procedures and packaging to transportation towards the final destination of the goods.

“I was quite surprised to find out that the logistics industry in India is much unorganised. The mannerism in which the transport hiring and payment worked here did not have any sense. To simplify this procedure and keeping everything on the level, I and my partner Vijay after a lot of examination and contemplation, decided to venture into the logistics space. Initially, we both acquired about seven vehicles however we wanted to understand the nitty-gritty of this ecosystem. The basic concept behind the structuring this company was to maintain transparency between the customers and the drivers in terms of money, quality & promptness of service. So I completely involved myself in this business but did not spend my time sitting in the office. To understand the market properly, I started working as a helper cum loader. By doing so I understood the algorithm and used it to develop our software and website where now people can select their pick up and drop location, pay a genuine amount for every trips and also have information about the driver,” expresses Nihal.

To set in motion, Nihal and Vijay started working diligently with SMEs and MSMEs while they were still researching on the mechanism of the market. This helped them identify a plethora of problems that prevailed in the market. The existence of middleman who meddled with the supply chain operation, ungoverned drivers and their hours of services, untimely deliveries, lack of communication between the customers and the drivers, unskilled labours and reaching out to the people and informing them about the services were some of the major issues faced by them during the initial days. In order to deal with these issues, they developed competence in the modern management of Logistics process, reliable aggregate model, linear supply chain model along with an extensive network of information and communication. “We worked hard towards winning the confidence of the people (clients & drivers) and transforming their mindset towards on-demand transport & last-mile connectivity services. We basically upgraded the approaches in this sector - from a traditional to a modern one.

The Journey so Far:
MaalSaman has delivered smiles to thousands
of their customers by travelling 5+ million KMs,
shifting 1500+ family and 10,000+ trips.
2015: The company started FTL & On-demand
Inter/Intra City services with 5 clients and 25+
Fleet onboard
2016: Launched Movers & Packers Service
2017: Started Courier & Parcel services and
commenced operations in Vadodara and Surat
2018: Received best e-Commerce company of
Gujarat awarded by MSME & India News

The company owns a varied fleet of vehicles under its command - ranging from 3 Wheeler Tempo to heavy Trucks spread all over Ahmedabad & Gujarat.

We created a logistic ecosystem that is much organised & Flexible than the usual one. Now, we are offering multi pick-up, multi-drop, single pickmulti drops, multi-pickup single drop kind of services, door to door parcel services, courier services, and e-commerce logistics. We are aiming to be a one-stop shop that is a strategic business partner for a supply chain management system and also a logistics company,” Nihal informs.

MaalSaman: A Revolutionary Approach

With MaalSaman shifting goods from one place to another anytime, anywhere is no longer an ordeal for anyone with swift pick-up available right at fingertips. Revolutionizing the logistics industry one city at a time, the company strives hard to ensure that the consignments are transported hassle-free & on timely manner. Throwing light on this, Nihal mentions, “Developing the methodology of transporting goods through simplistic endeavours, our web and mobile interface makes the entire process devoid of all hassles. With the ease of accessibility and undiluted customer experience as our primary focus, we are alongside ensuring the growth of our drivers in an organized manner.”

Vijay Patel, Co-Founder & COO

The company owns a varied fleet of vehicles under its command - ranging from 3 Wheeler Tempo to heavy Trucks spread all over Ahmedabad & Gujarat. “Our partnered drivers are tracked on real-time basis ensuring that a mini-truck that exactly satisfies the customer’s requirement is made available to him within 45 minutes. We intend to give structure to this largely unprofessional and unregulated industry,” he says. Currently, it has more than 200+ various fleets onboard. “We are adding a social impact by adding more Fleets & Drivers to generate business in our aggregate business model to reach 500+ fleet,” he adds.

In a nutshell, MaalSaman has modernised and transformed the logistics system and brought everything under one roof, minimized the cost of transportation making the task of hiring fleets an easy one by setting theory of demand and supply. The team has set a five years plan to undertake airfreight transport. In fact, MaalSaman is not only growing by itself but it is also giving ample scopes and opportunities to many who are seeking success in this domain. It is further upgrading its technical capabilities through systems – Website and Mobile app.

Corporate Clients

• Grofers [Ecommerce]
• [Ecommerce]
• HLL Life Care [Central Govt.]
• Flipkart [Ecommerce]
• Urban-Ladder
• Vardhman
• GMSCL [State Govt.]
• 108 GVK-EMRI
• Blue Dart
• Nestle India
• Jindal Group
• McDonald’s
• Gajanand Masala
• Arvind (Lal Bhai Group)
• Gujarat Gas Limited
• Apollo Pharmacy
• Reliance Industries
• Coco Cola
• PepsiCo
• Delhivery
• Rivigo
• Kalorex Group (DPS School)
• Tokyo Stores
• Torrent Powers

The Growth Story

MaalSaman commenced its journey in 2015 with FTL & On-demand inter-city and intra-city with five clients and 25 cases onboard. In 2016, it then launched movers & packers services from B2C. In 2017, it was launched as a courier and parcel services company. “We are based Ahmedabad in Gujarat but have opened new offices in Surat and Baroda. We have more than 18 offices in the franchise model in Gujarat. Recently 29th Sept 2018 accorded with the best e-commerce logistics company of Gujarat by MSME and India TV Today. In 1000 days of service, we have covered more than 5+ million kms, assisted more than 1500+ families shifting with our Movers & Packer Services and completed 1,00,000+ trips,” he asserts.

As a self-funded and complete bootstrapped profit-making company, MaalSaman would soon be approaching VCs for fund raising for expanding the business. The company is in the process of expanding supply chain operations and help its customers reach tier 2 and tier 3 cities. In the coming years, it aims to become a one-stop Solution for all B2B & B2C logistics needs. We have a stellar record of having more than 95 per cent retention of customers. We are transporting more 10,000 parcels every month. Fortunately, we are able to attract a good number of customers and from our side. Further, we make sure that we meet their expectations and for this,” Nihal concludes.

Unique Features
Transparent & Live Pricing:

MaalSaman offers the most cost-effective logistics services where the tentative cost of the required fleets & services can be taken from the portal considering the Fleet Size, Weight, Distance, Pickup Points, Drop Points and Required Manpower - whenever it’s required based on customers need

Real-Time Tracking:

The company will soon be introducing real time tracking facility to its strategic business associate for hassle-free logistic solutions through Google & GPS system. It has developed an end-to-end suite of solutions encompassing the best practices tailor-fit to nuances of logistics business in India. This includes management tools for Live tracking with replay of historic tracks,Periodic SMS/email alerts, Geofencing alerts and scheduled reports and client-specific customization Branding Made More Visible: MaalSaman tries and helps brands place their print media content over the body of the vehicle. This strategy not only helps brands get cheaper marketing options with greater visibility but also provides the driver with a secondary source of income

Business Model:

B2B: Full Load, Part Load, On Demand, Last Mile Service
B2C: Door to Door Parcel Service, Courier Services, Movers & Packers, Air Cargo (Starting in 2020)

Core Team MaalSaman

Co-Founder & CEO – Mr. Nihal Upadhyay

Nihal Upadhyay is a Business Management Graduate from Gujarat University.He has more than 15 years of experience in ITS/WBPO Operations & CRM.He utilizes his expertise in streamlining the MaalSaman Operations and new clients acquisition. He is very energetic, ambitious and fireball. He has a spark plug in his mind and can speak for hours about his vision for MaalSaman. In his leisure time, he loves to play cricket &travel.

Co-Founder & COO – Mr. Vijay Patel

Vijay is an Aeronautical Engineer from IME, Mumbai. He has more than 15 years of experience in Business Service Consultancy. He utilizes his expertise in branding CEO.