MacAppStudio: True Business Enablers

Suresh Kumar G,Co-Founder

Suresh Kumar G


Two childhood friends from Trichy sacrificing their high paying jobs and H1 Offer from US and made it big in Chennai, India. Suresh Kumar G & George Christopher - the tech fanatics had won many accolades like Intel BlackBelts Award, Worlds Most Valuable Developers and three Intel World Wide Developers app challenges in 2010 and 2011 where they won all together US$ 200,000 as the reward money. Living the Indian dreams, the duo from southern part of India eventually had landed on the sweet spot at an early stage in their careers. They both worked at huge MNC’s with a monthly package of two lakhs.

But destiny had something else planned for them. In 2011, George’s wife just delivered baby and Suresh and his wife were expecting their second child. “It was a tough call for both of us,” says Suresh. Even though they had choices to stay in the U.S and enjoy the permanent citizenship (H1 Offer), they choose to return back to India and startup, which would eventually transform people’s life. Following their instincts, the duo decided to be in India with high hopes to touch millions of people lives by their apps. Thus, began the journey of MacAppStudio.

Founded in 2012, MacAppStudio came to life in a humble setting. The co-founders chose Chennai and started up in a small unfurnished office with a used table and two chairs given by the office owners, they didn’t even have fan, and they wanted to buy the fan with the profit they generated from this venture. Chennai was too hot “More the sweat more the fire” avers Suresh. It all started in a small room, with two chairs, two laptops, and battle-tested entrepreneurs’ vision to transform the product development space. Their first project was for Intel where they created an app store inside Google Play to showcase app optimization for their x86 processor. “We didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily and want to run on the profits without any investors. Just after the first month of set-up, we installed a ceiling fan - three months later an inverter and then only after the sixth month we installed an AC,” mentions Suresh recalling the initial days.

He further asserts, “From day one we wanted to make sure we are profitable.” MacAppStudio within a short span of time acquired more and more clients because of their result-oriented approach and on-time project delivery of exemplary products and mobile apps. Today, they have transformed into what they call themselves as the business enablers. “We are not app developers anymore. App developers come to office 9-5 and are available only during their office hours. After that they are nowhere to be found. We don’t do that - what we promise to our clients, we deliver. More than anything, we ensure to take our clients business to a whole new level,” explicates Suresh.

The Journey of Transforming as a Million-dollar Company
The first two years were quite tough and the co-founders weren’t comfortable risking on anybody lives by adding any employees. They themselves took the charge of designing the products and the development work. “Working day and night, it was a crazy and hectic, but not for once did we regret our decision to take this on. It was all about two friends who happily meet up, have coffee, design, and code what we love for long hours,” explains Suresh.

In 2015, the co-founders felt confident that they could expand the business and then they began hiring additional people. In early 2016, they grew to 40+ employees. “We don’t even have company name board in our office but we are piled up with projects for next 4-6 months. In fact, we don’t have business cards. We carry our culture, where I am the CEO, George is the CTO, and GOD is our CMO,” says Suresh, enthusiastically.

MacAppStudio within a short span of time has acquired more and more clients because of their culture, integrity, quick & quality result-oriented approach and on-time project delivery of exemplary products and mobile apps

A Culture Driven by Honesty and Commitment
At present, MacAppStudio has a team of 60 members where the culture of values and honesty is rewarded. More than anything, the company is known for its straight forward approach towards its clients. When the candidates are hired, none of their resumes are seen, in fact, the co-founders mentioned that they hire people who have the desire to work. Majority of the employees belong to a humble family background like weavers, fishermen’s, farmers and socially backward community. The company has given them the opportunity to live a high standard of living and other immunities, by providing a platform to grow and succeed.

George Christopher, Co-Founder

The interesting fact is that MacAppStudio has no notice period and zero-attrition rate. By default, the employees’ leaves are approved. “When we hire we tell them two things, once hired they should work hard and the other is, if they lie they are fired immediately,” avers Suresh.

He further adds “At our workspace, we have a dedicated garden like beautiful location outside the office for using mobile phones and a place to relax at our office, no WhatsApp, no Facebook or any nonsense inside workstations. It’s like a war inside development arena, every employee works with deadlines and commitment. We call our team of brothers, the Spartans, our army - one of our employee is equivalent to 10 members belonging to any well-established firm.

The team believes in transforming the lives of people, business, employees, and clients. Most importantly sticks to
the culture that has propagated their humongous growth. “When it comes to delivering projects to our clients, we always feel we are at line of war and our Spartans are trained in such a way that they deliver extraordinary results,” concludes Suresh.

Key Management:
Suresh Kumar G & George Christopher, Co-Founders, MacAppStudio
Suresh is visionary and manages the overall operations of the business and George, on the other hand, is the genius behind the delivery of all the projects. George was a class topper, where as Suresh was the last bench student.The best friends’ combination over the years has worked like a right-left brain fashion. Suresh is right brain he is aggressive and goes by intuition, design, and vision. George is the left brain, who is logical and goes by process framework and data. Because of their hard work and result oriented approach, they have become zero to million dollar in the process of enabling many million dollar companies which also earned a percentage of stake in 10 companies. Also, Suresh is a speaker and has been invited by many prestigious institutions to share their inspirational success story with aspiring students. George is a hardcore coder who likes to invent things without any limelight. Suresh mentioned that George will not be found on any social media platform or any events, instead you can find him only at MacAppStudio office.

How MacAppStudio Enabled its Client to Generate 13Cr in two months – Speed Learning App

Four years back, the co-founders met Dr. K. Vinayak Senthil of Speed Medical Institute, who is an exciting young entrepreneur and a great visionary. The duo met him through a common friend. And, Dr. Senthil has been teaching thousands of doctors for PG entrance exam and has been very successful.

Dr. Senthil wanted an app that enables the content dynamically so that the students can study from anywhere, but he had his initial concern as the content needs to be secured. The duo worked for three months without taking any advance based on the commitment, partnership and accomplished his vision and successfully launched the app and gave it along with the User Guide. Unfortunately, the app was not approved by the other members of the Speed Medical Institute.

However, when other learning app companies started to mushrooming and growing in the space. The idea was reinitiated, around May 2017, where Dr. Senthil approached MacAppStudio, this time the duo went berserk and created a platform within 15 days. Whereby they developed a world-class first version of the app. The surprising fact here is that George, the CTO, who is an introvert, gave his number to understand the pain points directly from the students (Doctors) after the launch.

The app did have minor glitches in the beginning, but overcoming them and attained success when they didn’t get any call/email during the final exams of the students (Doctors), as they were studying happily. Also, when the app was tested for the content delivery, it was seamless. Now the platform has 3000+ paid students and is expected to reach 28 Cr.