Macrealities: A Creative Hub

Reaganbosco & Priyanka,Directors



By the end of 2021, the Indian Interior Designing Industry is expected to be worth US$ 1,138 million. India is most probably going to rank third regarding the volumes of constructions by the year 2030, with a target of 11 Million buildings to be constructed. Therefore, future prospects are bright for the industry. The primary reasons for the uptrends in the sector are the construction of a large number of multi-storey buildings, owing to the rise in disposable incomes and standard of living of the middle-class Indian population.

At this point in time, architecture is not only limited to following the prevalent trends in building commercial or residential structures. The industry has evolved and has become a hub of constant innovation. People nowadays are looking for unique designs with the latest technologies. The demand for structures has changed; the complexity has increased as the need for multi-faceted projects has seen a spike. This is where Macrealities stands apart from the rest.

It is more of a design hub than just a design firm. The company does not have a particular set of rules for designing. It allows its employees to unleash their true abilities, enabling it to provide a unique design to the clients every time. This is how, unlike the other companies, Macrealities has been meeting the industry's significant expectations.

Unique Workplace Provider
What makes Macrealities different from the other companies of its genre is the freedom to explore. At the company's workplace, the employees are not bound to a specific boundary of designing.
Reagan Bo-sco, Co-founder, says, "We believe that for an individual to be good at whatever they do, it is first important to make sure we give them a comfortable environment to work from." This is what makes Macrealities one of the best startups to work for.

In the company's initial days, the members had to work from coffee shops and co-working spaces. From there, the founders got the idea of making the company's workplace calm and relaxing one. Priyanka, the company's Co-founder states, "We designed our office keeping in mind space where one feels like it is their home or feels like they are working from a cafe or any other kind of a setup that makes them want to spend more time there. So having inspiration from such an environment, we decided to give our team members the same kind of comfort. This also acts as an influential factor for the employees to work with us, instead of any other company."

Priyanka, Director

The biggest perk of working at Macrealities is that the team that is constantly evolving. Unlike any other company, the value which Macrealities adds to every employee is the knowledge and experience of the leaders. Raegan furthermore states, "Following a non-hierarchical system helps in bringing everyone together, and it brings out a strong sense of dedication, commitment, and accountability both to the firm as well as the projects we deal with."

The industry has evolved and has become a hub of constant innovation. People nowadays are looking for unique designs with the latest technologies

Future aspects
For the future, the company has plans regarding its clients as well as its employees. "We are planning to make it as Individual brands in order to give our clients a holistic experience. In terms of the employees, we are planning to take up new talents, observe their working style, and put them into the right brand to train them to give our client an uncompromising experience," concludes Priyanka.