Mandrake Mydia: Transforming The Face Of PR With Innovation, Agility & Experience

Shabnum Khan,Founder & Co-Founder

Shabnum Khan

Founder & Co-Founder

Though growing companies and organizations have always outsourced public relation services to build a positive public image through strategic communication and information dissemination, PR was never seen as an innovation-driven industry. But internet penetration and rapid digitization in the past decade or so has altered the face of PR for good. However, many traditional PR houses are stuck with their primitive ways of public relations and have not been able to cope with the dynamic world of digital communication.

Based out of Faridabad in Haryana, Mandrake Mydia is a new-age digital-first firm with cutting-edge public relations outfit, helping businesses to maximize the benefits of brand messaging, media relations and PR with quantifiable ROI. Talking about building a modern PR agency for the growing start-up economy of India, Founder Ms. Shabnum Khan says, "My aim was to establish a public relations firm that was agile enough to stay up with the dynamic nature of the everevolving faces of marketing communications and technology. Moreover, the PR specialists at the agency should have the necessary knowledge and experience to help the client business get started on its path to success.

360 Degree PR Solutions
Combining strategic thinking and logical
capital of a corporate organization with the professionalism and originality of a creative marketing agency, Mandrake Mydia works with clients to design and deliver custom-fit PR solutions that deliver optimal results. Some of the PR services offered by Mandrake Mydia include events like product launches, corporate profiling, campaigns on influencer marketing, crisis communications, strategy & planning, video, content marketing, media relations, and high-ranking media engagements to name a few.

Through an effective blend of cutting-edge concepts and rudimentary efforts, Mandrake Mydia helps its customers achieve success that's sustainable and impactful. The firm has several communication channels spread all over India, which the team tactically uses to place image and perception building content pieces for mass consumption. Talking about creating unique PR assets for their clients, Account Manager Ms. Shivani Bisht mentions, "In terms of content, what we do is make sure that every article published by our media team is closely examined to deliver the necessary market advantages.

We have mastered the market's genetic make-up by identifying which conversation models will succeed and additionally, through our choice of society centric issues, we grab the audience's attention with eye catchy content. Moreover, our credible team at Mandrake Mydia understands that it is through digital innovation of both technology and ideas that an agency can flourish. Through understanding of the client's digital needs, we use the right mix of graphics, podcasts, and video contact to build impact for brands.

Plans for Growth
Since inception in 2018, Mandrake Mydia has been working relentlessly to build a name for itself in the industry. In a short span the firm has managed to win accounts for a number of reputable brands across various sectors which include EdTech, Lifestyle, Jewelry, Technology, SaaS, and Gaming to name a few. Recently the firm has successfully run PR campaigns for a few influencer marketing agencies, speaking volumes of their expertise in the newly evolving fields of PR.

Talking about growing the company resource and expertise in the field, Founder Ms. Shabnum khan mentions, "The goal for Mandrake Mydia will be to design and execute genuine mediatized activism methods and stimulate civic engagement. This can only be ensured by building a team of experts that are as well versed with traditional methods of PR as they are with newer channels of the digital media. Therefore, we are growing our team and hiring experts that are 'jack of all crafts'.