Mango Sciences: Enabling Affordable Access to Novel Cancer Treatments for Everyone

Mohit Misra ,Co-founder & CEO

Mohit Misra

Co-founder & CEO

There are 19 million new cancer cases each year across the globe, with 12 million of these cases occurring in emerging countries. While global pharmaceutical companies are creating life-changing treatments, they face challenges in maximizing access to these medications, particularly in emerging countries. Ensuring that patients are able to start and stay on treatment remains an unsolved issue. Mango Sciences is enabling affordable access to these novel medications by harnessing the power of AI-driven clinical insights and value-based products.

Headquartered in Boston (USA) and with offices in Bangalore (India), Mango Sciences works with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem keeping patient welfare at its core. Mango Sciences believes that the future of cancer care is personalized, and can be realized only by innovating and collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions in both emerging and established markets to open new possibilities for global health.

"Numerous individuals in developing nations cannot afford cancer treatments. To reduce this disparity, we use data analytics and AI to determine the appropriate drug for each patient, but if it doesnt work, one shouldn't pay the full price. We use our data to identify the most effective treatments for suitable patients at the most appropriate moment. Furthermore, a financing solution reduces the monthly cost from lakhs to 30,000 to 50,000
rupees, making it much more affordable for patients and their families. Consequently, one only pays for the drugs effective clinical value and receives a substantial portion of their money back in case of non-clinical response to treatment outcomes", explains, Mohit Misra, Co-founder and CEO, Mango Sciences.

Artificial Intelligence-based Solutions
Mango Sciences offers solutions in three arenas life science companies, hospitals, and financial institutions. For Life Sciences companies, Mango’s advanced solutions solve the patient treatment disconnect by providing aggregated population level real world insights, innovative patient support programs, and partnerships with leading oncology care providers. "Helping multinational pharmaceutical companies understand how their drugs function in a specific population in India and emerging markets is what we do best. Our solution enables patient support programs that allow patients to pay based on the value they receive, essentially a drug warranty and with a financial solution”, shares Mohit.

Mango Sciences’ proprietary analytics platform, Querent, enables healthcare administrators and doctors to take data driven strategic decisions, continually deliver tangible value to healthcare organizations, and improve patient care. “With our current data platform, we also collaborate with providers and hospitals, enabling hospitals to understand how their patients are progressing through their care journeys, where are their revenue pools located, and how they can unlock operational inefficiencies", states Mohit.

Financial institutions such as national banks or NBFCs and other associated institutions make targeted cancer therapies more accessible to all patients by lending with purpose via oncology-focused loans. Furthermore, the Mango Sciences team, which consists of innovators and builders with decades of experience in healthcare, life science research, and data analytics, is committed to improving patient representation and access to comprehensive healthcare. The team comprises veterans of the industry with varied and complementary backgrounds including the co-founder Vamsi .C. Kasivajjala (CTO), Gavin Miyasato, Vice President Data Science; Todd Gorsuch, Chief Commercial Officer, R. Venkateswaran, Vice President of Strategic Finance; Navinder S. Sachar, Vice President, MENA and APAC, Chitrang Shah, Vice President Operations and others.

Ultimately, Mango Sciences' future blueprint is to grow in India and expand into emerging markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and other geographies over the coming months. Mango's product expansion strategy involves patient access to drugs with new financing opportunities, insurance- based products, and clinical research that enables patients to access novel therapies.