MangoBlogger Technologies: Committed to innovation and marketing technologies

Prasanna Kulkarni,FounderThe concept of MangoBlogger Technologies, a marketing agency developing tools and services for business growth was ideated at time when Prasanna Kulkarni was working as a web analyst in the U.S. During his tenure working in MNCs, he realized the several usages of analytics. Once during his Uber ride from Las Vegas to Irvine California, he got into conversation with the driver who out of his professional interest started enquiring about the usage of SEO to reach out to more people and gain online prominence in his business. This very episode made Prasanna realize the need of reaching out to the small businesses and assist them in understanding the benefits they can derive from the advances in marketing technologies. This marked the beginning of MangoBlogger. “We started with the very niche service of providing Google Analytics Dashboards for businesses to figure out how the website is doing. We started implementing advanced analytics on our clients’website and create dashboards for them and
things kind of started from there,”says Prasanna.

MangoBlogger is focused on bringing the best in marketing technology to small and medium sized businesses. Prasanna says, “When we work with our clients on analytics and brand kickoff, we make sure that we have setup data pipelines to make sure that we are providing information on marketing return on investment for our clients. After that we provide our clients with specially made dashboards which provide them this data in real time decreasing the time to decision drastically. That makes sure that our clients are getting the right data for optimizing their customer acquisition.”

"Mango Blogger provides digital analytics services and a complete set of website design services to reduce time to market and make the website from conversions and SEO perspective"

The company offers a complete set of design + development services for reducing time to market as well as making the website from a SEO and conversion optimization perspective. In addition to this, the company provides subscription to its special tools which automates marketing as well as employee on boarding tasks for the clients. “By combining services, products and training around the marketing technology services we create value driven offerings which are geared towards our clients’ success,” he says.
Team MangoBlogger ensures to help them setup the right marketing stack for their business needs. “Our customers are any of the small or medium sized company that want to stand out in the digital world and be data driven. We have worked with entrepreneurs in e-commerce, tech, manufacturing, construction sector. Each of these owners really understands the value of digital marketing in this age,” mentions Prasanna.

Summing up the Journey
Started with providing consulting services to clients, the company now has its own set of tools which are used by marketing agencies and companies around the world to provide value to the clients. “Since last 3 months our tools are being used by marketers and business owners around the world from countries like France, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Brazil and much more. We are delighted that users around the world are finding value in our tools and are doubling down on bringing more first of the kind features to our toolset,” smiles Prasanna.

Currently, the team is working on adding weekly reporting features to their SEOMango add-on. This would let anyone schedule weekly reports for their website with just a few clicks and also add their team members to the reports. “We will keep on improving the employee onboarding add-on and will be adding features to send scheduled emails to your current employees,” he concludes.