MANSVI Automations: Designing and Delivering Smart and Secure Automation Solutions

Srinath Srikantaiah,   Business Head

Srinath Srikantaiah

Business Head

The digital era has witnessed many technological adaptations in our day-to-day life that have not only made our life easy but also has opened new doors to wider possibilities enlightening human creativity. It is every day that technology is leaping a step further and imagination being unbounded is a witness to real-time implications of the simplest things being evolved. Like what millennial would have thought back in the 90’s that one day, by a simple swipe on his phone, he’d be able to control all the devices at his home.

Such is the evolution brought along with automation. Revolutionizing automation at its best, MANSVI Automations started its venture in 2018. Based in Bengaluru, MANSVI Automations’ focus is to design and deliver effective Smart and Secure Home solutions and Office Automation solutions with the highest levels of quality and service to give their clients an unparalleled modern technology experience. MANSVI offers a wide range of solutions on a turn-key project basis for both new homes or on a retrofit mode for existing homes.

Known For Reliable & Scalable Solutions
MANSVI, as the name goes, means Intuitive Intelligence. The mission is to be the leading provider of affordable automation and safety technology solutions to enhance people’s lives and work. The vision is to provide professional consultation, custom design and expert installation of a wide range of business technological solutions. “Our products have the USP of being reliable and
compact. Based on the IOT platform these products give the users the flexibility of controlling them from anywhere anytime”, says Business Head Mr. Srinath Srikantaiah.

By integrating state-of-the-art products and equipment, MANSVI Automations enhances Clients office and business, while adding value to their commercial spaces. From large corporate access controls to lighting control in your living room or security of homes/corporates, MANSVI seeks excellence in delivery. The team behind MANSVI Automations continuously dedicates itself towards imagination and creativity, making every move, a success. “We feel that it is this trait that gives our team a competitive advantage and allows for unique perspectives in everything that we do”,says Mr. Srinath.

By integrating state-of-the-art products and equipment, MANSVI Automations enhances Clients office and business, while adding value to their commercial spaces

Smart and security home solutions from MANSVI Automations is economical, efficient, effective and comes in standard pack and customized packs. Besides providing comfort and convenience to households and commercial spaces through automation, MANSVI stays abreast of the cost trends, providing maximum cost efficiency for its products. Surge in economical video surveillance for security solutions that are integrated with real-time analytics are expected to increase the growth of the Indian home automation market. Moreover, the development of smart kitchen appliances such as smart coffeemaker, intelligent oven, precision cooker, and smart grill, has enhanced IoT for smart homes, which continues to provide profitable business opportunities to players like MANSVI Automations.

Exploring And Expanding
MANSVI Automations has diversified its services for various segments such as Independent Homes, Villas, Apartments, Corporate and Commercial Businesses. It uses the latest technology and trends to provide safe, reliable, and scalable solutions, customized accordingly with the client expectations.

MANSVI Automations has witnessed a steady growth of 40 percent Year on Year since the time of its inception. It has a good presence not only in Karnataka, but has done successful installation South India too. The IoT space comes with its own challenges but has a pool of opportunities to offer. Withstanding the challenges and exploring every opportunity of collaborations with OEMs for technology expansion, MANSVI plans to expand its growth in Tier2 and Tier3 cities. The organization has started equally focusing on opportunities for automation in corporate organizations and factories off late.