Maple Consulting & Services: Offering Expert Guidance & Support to Manage Comprehensive HR Challenge

Anil Raikundlia,Co-Founder & MD

Anil Raikundlia

Co-Founder & MD

The industrial revolution of the 1850s had revamped the Human Resource Management (HRM) paradigms considerably. Waxed and waned over the years, HRM became increasingly the line management function linked to core business operations. But now post the tech-revolution, it’s time to take another leap forward and redefine the way senior management conceptualizes the value of ‘Human Resource’ in the corporate world, where misalignment of strategy with the right talent has become one of the leading causes of organizational failures.

Being Maple

Comprehending dimensions of this crater perfectly, Maple Consulting & Services has broken the HRM paradigms of just acquiring and managing personnel, by going far beyond and being an ideal business consultant that truly functions as an advisor aiming to create and deliver the value aligned with the organization’s business objectives.“We strongly believe that the perception of HRM needs to be re-modeled from just being a supporting function to a
strategic business partnership within the organization,” elucidates Anil Raikundlia, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Maple. Built on a customer centric approach that helps you find the right talent that carries out pragmatic strategies effectively in-line with the organizational goals, Maple is capable of managing the entire gamut of human capital services beyond the geographies with a strong back bone of technology that works well with cloud-based, mobile-based and predictive data models.

The perception of HRM needs to be re-modeled from just being a supporting function to a strategic business partnership within the organization

Over the years, the company has garnered a work milieu centered on in-depth understanding of human resources, speed of execution, quick turnaround time, innovative operation methods and the drive to step outside pre-defined traditional roles. Anil affirms that the objective is to help organizations make better people decisions, methodically increase the risk-taking capability of leaders and ensure that the leadership teams have diverse strengths essential for sharpening the competitive edge.

Going Forward with Pace

With a deep passion for understanding people’s abilities and the limitations of most HR
solutions, Anil along with Smita Raikundlia established Maple in 2014 to provide their expertise in pragmatic problem-solving to companies dealing with an HR crisis. With many decades of industry management expertise of this duo in addition to a global network of key players, the company’s offerings are predominantly focused on talent management, organizational alignment, HR advanced analytics, aspirational modeling, professional mentoring and career consulting which always meet your career goals. “We take great pride in being professional, consistent and responsive to the specific needs of the customer,” adjoins Anil. Firmly believing that analytics, intuition and experience should go hand-in-hand to deliver best results, Maple has made strategic tie ups with professionals in the workforce management area.

Headquartered in Mumbai with presence in the U.S. and Philippines, Maple’s able team helps recruit, manage and develop human talent for a wide range of companies across the globe, which include FIS, Euronet, Sitel and Global Data to name a few.. Putting strides ahead, Maple is sharpening its edges to become the first choice as a consulting partner, establish long term trust based professional relationships with the clients and offer expert guidance & support at every step to manage comprehensive HR challenges. “Maple strive continuously to build a true strategic consulting experience where ‘execution is the most crucial part of the solution”