Mapwood: Revealing the Incredible Topography of India In Wooden Platforms

Lalita Yadav, Co-Founder,Dinakar Devireddy, Co-Founder

Lalita Yadav


With people getting more exposed to multi-cultural and heterogeneous trends, there has been a noteworthy transformation in their taste for interior design and home décor. Propelling the industry to offer some unique and innovative designs for either their home or office, the home décor industry is flourishing with novel ideas that add a distinctive yet customized beauty to the space inside the chambers. Intending to explore the new age interior sector amalgamated with a vintage fashion, Mapwood is a home décor start-up offering maps of various geographical places of India carved into wooden platforms. Established in 2020 and headquartered in Hyderabad, Mapwood tries to elevate the beauty and essence of a room, private or public, by designing eminent maps on wood with care and precision. Revealing an exquisite and intricate depiction of the in-credible topography of India the wooden maps crafted by Mapwood offers a unique initiative of adding a bit of momentousness in the atmosphere of the room.

Passion for Maps
Co-Founders DinakarDevireddy and Lalita Yadav both have a passion for maps, as they have spent a major part of their career in making digital maps of the world while working with major MNCs. To convert this passion into affordable and useful products that are used widely, DinakarDevireddy and LalitaYadav co-founded Mapwood with a vision to have these good-looking crafty maps adorning living /office/hospitality space as décor item and amazing corporate/personal gift as well. "Our core belief is that passion should drive a product/service and business is always incidental.
We both are experts in map making, we spent the majority of our career in mapmaking, and we both are very involved and hands-on in every aspect of the product making to customer satisfaction. Mapmaking is a specialized area where accuracy and precision plays an important role and are the central features of the product. When we researched for the best medium, our research ended-with wooden one as we thought this is the best medium that is allowed and welcomed in living spaces. Once we chose the medium, we started working on the crafting the maps on wood," says LalitaYadav, Co-Founder, Mapwood.

Using the best quality and natural birchwood for the products, Mapwood refrains from treating the wood with any chemicals, ensuring the products to be 100% natural. "Our current products are in 2D and 3D varieties. 3D maps are comparatively challenging to make and are generally designed for a country or state. Whereas 2D maps are typically city maps and we have tried to cover all the major cities of India. With the product sizes ranging from A2 to custom sizes, we have a very strong QC/QA regime where the product is checked against a detailed checklist. Only then products are packed for shipment which passes through all the QC processes and buyers can purchase them from Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, Etsy and various other online marketplaces," quotes DinakarDevireddy, Co-Founder, Mapwood. Future and Beyond.

Dinakar Devireddy, Co-Founder

Trying to reach out to premium décor retailers across the nation, Mapwood is open to partner with décor giants; corporates and marketplace for the right model creating value. Despite being launched coinciding with the corona pandemic, Mapwood triumphed the challenging business environment to obtain several leads and is currently working on several custom projects for many govt and private sectors. "Home décor is one immense area where we work with architects, home & office interior designers to develop custom maps. While wood is the current medium of making the maps, we wish to move to other material mediums such as cloth embroidery, metal, acrylic, stones and many more. We hope to move into a new orbit once the lockdown is behind us and life is getting into new normal, we are already seeing encouraging signs. We are making maps of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the year 2021 and are planning to move to Western European capitals," concludes Lalita Yadav.