Marami Infotech: Pioneering Real Estate's Digital Transformation

Tadishetty Shylender ,   Managing Director

Tadishetty Shylender

Managing Director

It is no revelation that Real Estate is a large scale industry with a traditionally high volume of financial management. For a project to be completed successfully and on time, effective labour and supply chain management systems are required. Every real estate company's main moto is customer satisfaction and supply & demand. At the same time, government policies continue to occasionally have an impact on the same, while uncertain Tax System is a bottleneck. The real estate market is a major component of the world's economy, with a global value of over $7 196 billion. In some respects, the adoption of technology in real estate has lagged behind its use in other business sectors.However the introduction of cutting- edge technologies in real estate promises to change the way business forever is conducted in this age old industry.

Marami Infotech a Hyderabad based Software Application Product Development and Information Technology Consulting Enterprise, introduced Realex when the RealEstate Industry hardly know about the computerization of their system. Established in 2000(formerly Exnora Infosys in 1992), the company has taken large strides in developing wide range of IT applications that are in tune with the Clients' specifications. Over the years the Company has built a large clientele who are extremely satisfied with our services.

Over the years, Marami has been adaptive to all the new technology upgrades and has always focused on giving quality services to customers a key factor for the sustainability and success of the Company. Reminiscing an era when IT was making head ways into a plethora of industries, Tadishetty Shylender, Managing Director, Marami Infotech says & “Over a period of three decades of my experience in the field of IT, I have witnessed changes in technology to be dynamic and ever evolving. Information at finger tips has been the demand of every business segment. Mobile apps have brought the technology to the palms.

It's a revolution. Cloud technologies have changed the adaptability of customer dependency on hardware with less risk of Data storage hassles at a lower cost. Under the present given scenario , we see huge opportunities. There is a lot of scope for Marami to grow by virtue of our Software Solutions in many industries of varying business Nature. Every product of our company has got lot of appreciations from our customers. Especially Realex, our Real Estate Management cum Accounting software with 12 modules which is a Ready to use ERP solution”.

Ever since its inception in 1992 (as Exnora Infosys), the firm has continued to hold the leadership position in the Real Estate software segment. Realex has never found a strong contender. The success of Realex is evident by its market share of 80 percent in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Realex incorporates every small requirement of the Industry, right from the Procurement of Land to delivery of promised Real Estate Product to the customer with a strong CRM. Realex is a complete Real Estate Management Cum Accounting Software Solution with 12 modules. “A satisfied customer will always keep you in business, that's the secret of success behind Marami Infotech” adds Shylender.
Constantly Evolving Products
When the industry was still getting acquainted with Accounting Software like Muneemji, Wings, Profit, Fact etc., Marami developed its first, yet a revolutionary & easy-to-use Accounting Solution called Finex. This Financial accounting cum Inventory software found its way into many companies like RD Associates Khanan Packaging, Livewell Home Finance, United Agro Engineering, Sun Beam Machines, Seiberg Sales etc. Soon Marami was building products for a plethora of clients and domains. However it was Realex that truly made the mark.

Shylender has closely observed the complete life cycle of the Real Estate Companies from Land Procurement to the Deliverables. With his core competence lying in System Design Analyst and software programming, he led Marami to fill the gaps in the Real Estate value chain through Realex. Realex has assumed a very strong foothold in the market. Marami regularly upgraded the product with all the modules as identified, which became the leading ERP and turned out be a One stop Solution for all Real Estate requirements.

The firm has always conducted a detailed case study of all its client requirements and has incorporated the same into the Software. Marami Infotech ensures that the system speaks a Common Global Language to give better results. “We went on improving our software and closely monitored the industry and catered to its ever-changing needs, thus also increasing our own products being developed due to such trusted customer base” adds Shylender. In fact, Pride Homes, Grandville Realtors, Srinidhi Homes are Marami Infotech's client since 1992.

The finesse that experience brings
A huge chunk of credit for Marami Infotech's success goes to the people at Marami. Marami has a dedicated and honest team of employees who have contributed a lot in the growth and success of the Company. The firm is proud to have all the core team and 70% of staff working with the company for over 15 plus years. Srikrishna Joined in 2000 and strengthened my team, since then no look back. After 20 plus years of his dedicated service, now he is the Managing Director in Marami Infotech.

A Future for Several More 'Industry-First' Products
Gradually, as the Real Estate Firms and Industry started adopting computers as there maiden core tool, Marami was prepared to cater to the business demands at every moment of evolution of the Technology. Marami software has put forth path breaking solutions in Accounting, CRM, MIS and documentation which added to the growth of Real Estate Companies. Currently, Marami is catering to the markets of South India. Now, the firm is ready to take Realex and other products to PAN India and overseas market. Marami Infotech is more focused on marketing its other products besides Realex, which the firm developed over the years. The firm has also taken a new establishment with sales and service staff to further provide highquality services to its clientele. More so, Marami Infotech will continue to train and mentor fresh graduates with technical degrees to further nurture their skills and be industry ready. An important goal will be to develop several more 'First of its kind' products for its customers.

Realex at a Glance: Top Features
•Best in Class CRM for End-to-end Real Estate Management
•Common solution for Companies which are into sale of Open Plots/Flats/ Villas/Farms/Plantations and others.
•Multiple Payment Options to the customer with customizable option for each sale. Outright/Instalments/Day wise/Date wise
•Very strong Associate/Agent commission system for Sales Teams. Analysis Sales Targets and performances of the Sales Teams
•Multiple Commission Structures. Percentage/Fixed Amount/PerSq. Yards/Per Sq.Ft, and others.Commission on case-to-case basis with strong controls on releasing the same.
•Software has clear and strong methods of land stock handling. Plot matrix, a feature very strong in depicting sales and collection with graphic interface with drill down info methods.
•Smooth flow of Customer Data from entry to completion of sale.
•Digital Layouts with Data integration to show the Available Plots/Flats/Villas/Farms etc. on mobile and Web. Option to select the Plot/Flat/Villa/Farms of choice, and so on. Approval of transactions through Mobile app for stronger controls.
•Strong in Credit Control Management which helps a clear financial flow, as per the customer commitments with SMS and Email Integration
•Complete Finance Accounting Module in line with the Real Estate requirements, with simple BRS.
•Complete documentation solutions through D-wallet & Land Procurement Process thru Estates Module, for maintaining link documents, title deeds, agreements etc as digital document.