MathsGenii: Simplifying Math & Science Education for All

B.K Behera,Founder

B.K Behera


The online education market was worth approximately $750 Million in 2016. It has grown at a CAGR of 35 percent to $2 Billion in 2021. It will continue to grow at the same pace in the coming five years. The market is currently categorized into five categories Primary & Secondary supplementary education, Higher education, Test Preparation, Online Certification and reskilling and Language & casual learning. On the way to become a premier player in the Primary & Secondary supplementary sector is MathsGenii.

Owned by its parent company, Minute Brain Learning Pvt Ltd, MathsGenii was founded by B.K Behera with an objective to impart Maths and Science education to students from grade 1 to 10. Founded in 2020, the company’s ultimate vision is to make education affordable by reaching every child who wants to study, but is impeded by a lack of infrastructure and resources.

The company’s founder, Behera has a keen interest in the education sector. “Coming from a smaller town in Odisha, I always wanted to give back to the society. I knew
that mathematics is the key to the future as it is required for technology, engineering and IT to thrive. That was what lead me to start this platform,” says Behera. Today MathsGenii offers competitive education at a lower and affordable cost. Its collaborative learning helps in knowledge exchange through social learning. It also offers career counselling and guides the students for various career prospects based on their strengths.

In Depth Coverage Of Concepts
Currently, MathsGenii has Maths Courses from Grade 4 to Grade 10. These courses are designed as per the CBSE standards. Each course has a mix of interactive lessons, concept checkers, practise questions and mock tests. Its personalized online trainers help the child to gain a deeper understanding of the topics.

The instructors are selected with good academic qualifications, teaching experience and subject knowledge. They go deeper into understanding the child’s problem and addressing them. “Our USP are courses with indepth coverage on concepts through concept checkers, practice questions, Olympiad questions for higher difficulty levels and time-based mock tests. Our course groups impart collaborative learning through social interactions where students from anywhere in the world can interact with each other in the group,” explains Behera.

A Team of Talented Individuals
The founder is supported by his son Sandeep Behera and his friends from IITs who have supported him in giving all the required inputs. MathsGenii currently has 500 online users. The company plans to grow aggressive in 2022 by targeting small cities and towns in Odisha after which it will expand to other states as well. The social media platforms of the company have seen tremendous growth in the last six months.

The company plans to roll out its mobile application soon which will help in boosting the customer base. Going forward, they plan to add science and English courses as well while also aiming to add other boards such as Odisha board courses soon. With a team of talented and motivated individuals, it is no doubt that MathsGenii will succeed in its goal of bringing quality education to students’ doorsteps.