MED-bites: Creating Simplified Medical Content to Help Healthcare Brands Achieve Optimal Business Outcomes

  Roshni Raju,      Founder

Roshni Raju


Medicine, science and technology have evolved exponentially. With it, has been the rise of digital health content. However, readers, especially in India find today’s health related information confusing, false or misleading. Due to the ‘medical jargons’ used, most people do not even have an understanding of what they consume or sell. Good health content like good medicine can thus help medical industries reap the benefits and enlighten its consumers. Chennai-based Med-bites works toward the same. Founded in 2016, MED-bites started as a company committed to creating awareness of diseases, educating the people on the functioning of the human body, and assisting medical professionals and companies to promote their products and services through the use of creative illustration videos.

Through the years, MED-bites found a niche in the Content and Marketing space and transformed it into a 360-degree Marketing Agency. MED-bites creates Multimedia Videos, Whiteboard Animation, 2D Animation and Infographic Videos. It is fully adept in Illustrations, Logo Creation, Branding, and Collaterals in the Print Medium. The company is also capable of creating Websites and Social Media Handles as well as assisting in Digital Marketing and Data Collection. “We take pride in being able to condense complex medical content into simplified media to ease explanation or enhance marketing of your product or service. Our integrated ecosystem helps you drive business outcomes and create seamless experiences for customers that matter the most”, says Roshni Raju, Founder of MED-bites.

Flagship Offerings at MED-bites
The team at MED-bites works with businesses to help establish presence, maximise returns and optimise marketing investments. In an on-demand ever-evolving market, the company helps create a meaningful connect with audiences that matter most to its business. The solutions offered by MED-bites include content, multimedia, creative and digital. MED-bites’ content writers understand the language required to reach the target audience. By tailor making the style of content delivery for the audience, the company offers a bespoke content solution for the product or service of healthcare companies.

MED-bites is unique because of its team of medical Professionals and artists

MED-bites is equipped with a strong creative team that includes illustrators, animators, graphic designers, and content visualizers as well as a digital team that knows exactly how to maximise advertising revenues through promotion, amplification, and monetization on different online platforms. “We start with understanding your requirements and flow into a brainstorming session with your team, MED-bites creative team, and MED-bites content team. This evolves into a script that captures the essence of your product or service, and later is visualised into a storyboard”, adds Roshni.

Further, MED-bites makes it its mission to understand the essence every brand and create an identity around it. Understanding the foundation of Typography and Color Psychology, MED-bites will weave the appropriate combination of fonts and design language to help audience understand product or service of a business. MED-bites also has experience designing all forms of print medium including Banners, Posters, Flyers, ID Cards, Standees, Backdrops, Apparel, Books, Albums, Stickers, and more.

The journey to becoming MED-bites started with Roshni’s idea to create medical explainer videos on YouTube. Her dream was to make medical concepts fun and interesting for a non-medical audience, 'to demystify medicine' as Roshni labels it. “Only if you know about your body, can you love yourself enough to do what is right for it Know Your Body, Love Yourself is our motto!”. Her father, Raju Venkatraman, nudged her to build a business model off of her dream and thus MED-bites was born with the support of her mom, Raji Raju. “Dynamic is in the fabric of our DNA, we are ever-evolving. We are passionate and driven and we hope to someday be the number one healthcare content production company”, concludes Roshni.