Media Buzz: Offering a Plethora of Options for Outdoor Advertising toward Target Customer Outreach

   Aashit Shah & Kaushik Shah,    Ownerswhile businesses have been largely optimistic about socialmedia marketing and the dependency rarely seems to diminish, there are certain extensions of outdoor marketing that can never be treated as bygones. The advertising industry today still gets a huge piece out of the pie from outdoor advertising because it is one such medium that can neither be turned off nor closed, nor be missed or minimized. Started in 2014 in Ahmedabad, Media Buzz is a renowned name in the industry known for its creativity, delivery, and quality in the field of outdoor advertising.
It has more than 19 years of experience and knowledge in the field of outdoor advertising.

Creative Strategies & Implementations
The USP of the company lies in the selection of Locations as per Target Audiences and execution of effective brand strategies, which makes it the most obvious choice on the go when compared to the other contemporaries. Along with the assistance of our expertise, hard work, and focused approach, we could successfully spread our wings in the vast field of outdoor advertising. We strive for excellence and the perfect amalgamation of fresh new key locations and logical concepts keeps us going in the field”, says Aashit shah, Owner, Media Buzz.

Businesses today, are still dependent on outdoor advertising because it largely
captivates the attention and interest of the audience. It stands as one of the most convenient modes that help in larger outreach of the audience and the target location is a strategic input, when played carefully can leverage the best interests of the brand. The mode of outdoor advertising also suggests that the brand is capable enough to invest in visual modes to stand apart and gain a definite status in the competitive zone. Media Buzz provides complete and strategic outdoor solutions, that are not only restricted to the owned media sources but also take space from the other media owners as well. Media Buzz offers a plethora of outdoor advertising services that help in the expansion of business and brand outreach, multiplying the business abilities of the brand.

Media Buzz is the definite choice for outdoor advertising as it offers more options in an economical range and helps clients reach the maximum ROI for their businesses

Quality & Timely Deliverables
At Media Buzz, the client expectations are all that matters. For this purpose, a one-on-one meet with the client is conducted to understand the client requisites and then the options are suggested based on the coverage they are targeting and the kind of exposure plus the duration of exposure they want. Media Buzz has been grounded enough to offer multi location advertising and the rich experience it has in the sector, further complements the audacious attempt for hassle-free delivery. “We strongly believe in the funda of timely delivery of quality service. Over a period of time, we have garnered an attractive list of clientele. Customer satisfaction and euphoria were, is, and certainly will always be our prime concern”, says Aashit.

Media Buzz has come a long way, combating the challenges that came along. The outdoor advertising industry paces with tech-accompanied solutions that one needs to be ahead, in the competitive space. One of the pain points is the quality of the deliverables and this calls for choosing a reputed partner that has a good network of vendors for supplies. Media Buzz has been recently awarded with some Corporation Tenders of Gantry & Uniopoles at Premium Areas of Ahmedabad City. The road ahead for the company is to expand its operations across various other newly developed areas of Ahmadabad City where upcoming residential & commercial localities coming up. The firm is currently invested in a radio project at Indore City at Chappan Food Court that will leverage more opportunities for brands it partners with.