Medic TFHC: The Future of Healthcare

Ram Kumar Varma P, MD & CEOImagine we are on a village tour, no network no AC room.. Ignore all this if we can’t even contact ambulance in case of an emergency! Definitely a nightmare. The city life has made everything easy. Though the land of villages is turning into a land of cities at a frantic pace around 65 per cent of the population still prevail in the rural scenario of the country. Where healthcare here is being ignored and primary healthcare centers are limited up to eight percent. This didn’t go unnoticed by Ram Kumar Varma P. Being hailed from a doctor’s family that was serving people for generations. The saddening scenario pushed him to venture into the domain and support the rural community but providing high class healthcare services. While analyzing the market he noticed the glitches encountered by the landscape in supporting women & children in the rural area which is an increasing menace. After gaining a fair comprehension, to address the issue in the sector he established Medic TFHC.

Medic as an organization is originated with a purpose. It was conceptualized to primarily revolutionize the sector in the rural landscape. The population not being able to receive the basic medication for life, be it blood pressure, sugar or cholesterol. While these are common and have to be taken care of from the initial stage, they are being ignored. The company mainly focuses on Women and child care to acknowledge the Gynecol issues, vitamin deficiencies and also provide a basic diagnostic check that has

to be done to ensure their well-being.

Primarily focusing on verticals such as doctor appointments, diagnostic services, pharmacy information, finding hospitals blood bank& voluntary blood donor information and 24/7 Ambulance service details. It is a one-stop-solution for all the information a patient needs. “While several other companies are catering to each of these services separately, Medic offers all trusted services in one place. All the platforms existing are synonymous but none of the companies is concrete to rural areas,” says Ram Kumar.

Medic operates in various segments like mobile application service web call center service, and others. As a plug and play tool, it can be accessed from anywhere in India.

Medic TFHC is known as the first organization in Andhra Pradesh to gain the Startup India recognition in healthcare segment

The application built by the company is real-time & unique with the various solutions it offers at a single place. “We differentiate ourselves from the other players in the market by working with all the State’s government, identifying people who are interested to participate; it could be doctors of any specialization to service them,” he informs.

Founded in 2016, the company is known as the first organization in Andhra Pradesh to gain the Startup India recognition. It is also the first startup to file a patent and being published. Medic has won multiple awards for the concept & products and has been appraised by several news channels. “We celebrated Women's day by setting up medical camps and spreading awareness on Gynecol issues and infertility for women in villages,” he exclaims

Eyeing the future the company aims to come up with a concept called the mobile diagnostic center wherein it would provide a van that serves the basic medical needs of women. The plan would also help them make them understand the precautions to be taken for medical conditions. It would also assist them with guest lecture videos from the expert doctors.

“Apart from this, we will launch, Rural Employment Program for Women. We will identify educated women in villages and help them work from home for just 4 hours as call center service providers where they can guide and support others in the village. The technology & formula is ready and will be implemented in the next fiscal year,”he concludes.