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Rupal Mehta, Founder & CEO,Dr Nilesh Kurwale, Co-Founder & Epilepsy Neurosurgeon

Rupal Mehta, Founder & CEO

Dr Nilesh Kurwale, Co-Founder & Epilepsy Neurosurgeon

Technology is enhancing and making multiple aspects of human life smarter, then why not healthcare? Medical facilities as a crucial part of life should be the first industry to be the smartest, and this could be possible only by a brain with a sound idea and a strong team that drives the objective. Aligned to this, Rupal Mehta who was exposed to the Medical Imaging field in the western world realized the technological gap that needs to be addressed to make healthcare solutions more accessible to the clinicians and affordable to the patients. The idea was to save time, money, effort and truncate stress on patients, attendants and doctors by empowering them with solutions that enable effective decision making in the least time possible.

During her quest to identify the ground challenges, she met Dr Nilesh Kurwale, one of India's most esteemed Epilepsy Surgeons at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital. She realized the challenges faced by the surgeon during surgical planning and treatment of Epilepsy patients. They both exchanged their thoughts and her expertise on developing RIS-PACS products in the USA and technological advancements in the western healthcare ecosystem. They also discussed on the complimentary scenario in India that is lagging behind particularly for Epilepsy, leading to improper arrival at a conclusive diagnosis on source and location of seizures in the brain. Noticing the alarming stats of India having 1 crore Epilepsy patients, 90 per cent of patients go undiagnosed and untreated, she embarked on the mission to resolve the gap and pooled a globally experienced team of Neurosurgeons, Neuro physicians, Radiologists, and Medical Imaging specialists on the clinical side and technical experts in Healthcare IT, Cloud Platform, A.I and Deep Learning, Web Technologies with relevant experience in building enterprise-scale healthcare systems.

On the whole, with a proficient team, Ms. Rupal prompted the journey of MedMarvel Software Solutions. Moreover, the challenging and productive environment provided by the company to its workforce is making it an eminent place to work. “The lean team, responsibility and milestone-based delivery model, flexible working structure and
open communication between all team members is the foundation of our organization. We celebrate every milestone achieved and recognize each other’s contribution,” says Rupal Mehta, Founder & CEO.

The Outstanding Offerings
MedMarvel Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a social impact medical technology start-up company developing Medical Image Analysis and Informatics Platform - MedVirtuoso, which empowers the Neuroclinicians in making an accurate diagnosis and informed clinical decisions. It is a suite of products that aggregates patient medical imaging data obtained from MRI/CT/PET scans, performs automated post-processing on the imaging data using patentable Image Fusion Algorithms, Brain mapping techniques and other Neuroimaging applications for computer-aided visualization into the brain. The system leverages Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques in medical image post-processing to gather valuable insights that assist in diagnosis. “The multi-dimensional information thus derived by performing comprehensive brain analysis provides meaningful insights to the neuro physicians and surgeons in finding the source and location for abnormality such that they can arrive at evidence based accurate clinical decisions for further treatment and possible cure through surgery,” she informs.

The Entire Concept Of Medmarvel Revolves Around Revolutionizing The Way Neurology Is Practiced In India And Other Emerging Markets.

Eyeing a Bright Future
The entire concept of MedMarvel revolves around revolutionizing the way neurology is practiced in India and other emerging markets. The unconventional idea has been recognized and Ms. Rupal received the Smart Health Care Award in Dubai and 101 Most Fabulous Global Healthcare leaders award by World Health and Wellness Congress 2020 in Mumbai. “Our mission is to reach out and support 1 Million Epilepsy patients by 2025 which will become possible by our growing global network of neuro specialists, medical journalists and print support in healthcare. Our goal is "No seizures, no side effects" for patients with epilepsy thus Reducing Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) improve quality of life for patients and reduce socioeconomical burden on family, society and NATION at large.” Besides India, MedMarvel is also looking to serve markets in Kenya, Dubai and other countries. With its expanding operations, it is passionate to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience to address the needs of Indian Healthcare and other markets, making healthcare more accessible, affordable and accountable for the patients.

Rupal Mehta, Founder & CEO
Rupal, a B.E Civil engineer from Gujarat, India, further pursued her M.S in Computer Science from California State University, Hayward, USA. With her wide knowledge and technical expertise launched MedMarvel to transform the healthcare scenario of India. She put forth the ground-breaking idea to act as an extended arm for the existing R&D and Software Development teams of medical service providers and developing healthcare information management solutions that make remarkable changes in the society.

Dr Nilesh Kurwale, Co-Founder and Epilepsy Neurosurgeon
MBBS M.Ch.(Neurosuregry), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (AIIMS), DBT fellow, AASAN fellow (USA) Specialty: Epilepsy Surgery and Functional Neurosurgery Dr. Nilesh Kurwale is one of India's most esteemed epilepsy surgeons and amongst the topmost neurosurgeons in India. He has performed around 300+ epilepsy surgeries till 2019. He heads the Center of Excellence for epilepsy surgery at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital.