MegaaOpes: Deriving Result-Driven, Best-in-class Outsourcing Services for Array of Industries

 Kannan Rajendran ,CEOWhile celebrating all the college dropout success stories, we often tend to forget that those people had greater purpose in life when they left college, but not in the case of Kannan Rajendran (CEO, MegaaOpes). As a goal-less young dropout, he was unsure about his future. They say your skills can pay the bills and Kannan knew the art of talking to people; cashing on his skill, he got a job in BPO and worked there for 13 years before founding MegaaOpes Solutions OPC Pvt. Ltd. with other partners in Dec 2012. Today, the company provides successful business process outsourcing services to clients across the world, which includes accounts receivable management, customer management services, and back office process management.

One-stop-shop for Outsourcing

MegaaOpes started with a vision of growing into a BPO, but initially as any other start-up stumbled through the process of finding the right team, right client and management, and was only operating as a BPO job
placement company. Losing its way, the company failed to generate any revenue through this, and the partners left. But Kannan didn’t let his dream die; he stood his ground, took over the whole operation and expanded its wings to BPO services. However, the strong HR base is still a part of the company that is well equipped to cater man power in any stream of work within due time using web portals and other available resources.

MegaaOpes holds regular interactions with clients and keeps them informed about all aspects & scenarios, and exchanges feedback

Today the company offers a comprehensive suite of BPO services to both domestic and international clients through a combination of deep domain knowledge, strategic alliance and internal competency. This includes both inbound and outbound services that comprise of voice projects like marketing survey, debt collection, direct services, lead generation, marketing and such others. The company has an experienced data collection team that can generate leads in terms of exhibitions assuring 99 percent accuracy rate.

MegaaOpes also provides mortgage services with a completely trained staff in Orienting & Servicing that work with a vendor base of 200,000
through out U.S. The company also under takes non-voice projects like E-mail support, chat support, web designing and many more. In order to cope up with stiff competition from the foreign players, MegaaOpes holds regular interactions with clients and keep them informed about all aspects & scenarios, and exchanges feedback. “Unlike any other BPO, we don’t just call, rather we market our client’s products and brand,” says Kannan. Services are provided through a unique customer lifecycle management model that delivers optimal performance with leading edge technology and exceptional quality. The knowledge processing unit with a combined experience of 26 years cover all the aspects akin to title search, commitment generation, closing, funding, valuating and such other services. The company charges are straight forward and reasonable: taking 50 percent in advance and 50 percent post completion to maintain the balance of interest from both client and company side.

Moving Forward

This employee-centric company has created a family-like work environment where 45 intellects burn their oil to grow the company considerably. Witnessing over 30 percent revenue growth compared to 2014-15, MegaaOpes had already crossed its revenue target for this year within last few months itself, which is around 50 percent increase in the revenue.