MEGARA: Robotics Redefined Potent and Altruistic

Dr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam,Founder & CEOThe pandemic has shown the world that it needs more than having just good medical infrastructure. It’s the era for Humanitarian Robotics. As technology is advancing, it must be able to serve its purpose towards humanity. Chennai based Megara Robotics is one such leading company in Innovative Robots for Humanitarian cause. Megara’s main goal is to serve as a Designer, Developer, Buyer, Seller, and Dealer in all varieties of Robotics & Automation Systems and Technology, and Information Technology products. The company also acts as a manufacturer of Robot and Automation Components, Control Components, and provides Robot Control Services, Automation Projects and Services, and Advanced Powered Wheelchairs and Expansion programs. Additionally, Megara Robotics also serves as Technical and Robot Development Consultants in India and abroad.

Megara – Innovative Excellence
At Megara’s Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Skill Development Center, the company offers job-oriented training to the participants by involving experts from the industry. Megara also offers Extensive Internship Programs to student communities across the country. The training included by Megara are Robot Operating System(ROS)Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level, Automation, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT, PCB
Design and Fabrication etc. Megara’s target audience for the training and courses offered are mostly Undergraduate, Post Graduate, PhD Scholars, ITI, and Diploma students who aspire for a challenging and adventurous job in the field of Robotics and Automation. Megara also helps Academicians, Freelance Engineers, and others who want to pursue higher education studies and research in Robotics and Automation. At the Aryabhatta Innovation Pillar, Megara works with its clients to assist them to think big about what they want. The company supports the innovation led approach that leads to game-changing innovations by its customers and scales them faster. Partnering with its clients in their innovation journey through disruptive models and advances in technology, Megara makes them feel that they are part of what they make. Megara has successfully conducted 11 internships and 19 free webinars within a span of one year and will be conducting more online and offline internships in innovative topics.

Megara’s Innovative Robots for Humanitarian cause has garnered the company its solid reputation in the field of Robotics and Automation

Megara has developed many products and projects like PRABHA(UV disinfectant robot), Self-E a self driving wheel chair, Joystick based powered wheelchair, AMARAN unmanned robotic coconut tree climber and harvester, SCORPION Search And Rescue Robot, NEPHO Negative Pressure Isolation Hooded Wheelchair and many more. Megara also has a wide variety of robotic components including heavy duty robotic grippers, high torque DC servo motors, actuators for collaborative robotic applications, various robotic controller boards etc. Numerous products are in the development phase and several are in the test phase.

Megara is planning to expand its workforce in the field of marketing and will introduce new products in healthcare robotics soon. Megara also wishes to start new Centers of Excellence in different colleges.

Since its inception in 2019, with its excellence in Healthcare Robotics and Automation, MEGARA Robotics has been selected in Innovation Challenge 3.0, organized by AICSKU in partnership with WWF India, and was among the Top Tech30 startups by Your Story at Techsparks 2020. Megara’s AMARAN is also listed in the winners'category “AI in Agriculture” in the Aatmanirbhar AI challenge 2020 and was identified as a 'Promising Solution'by MyGov Innovation Platform.