Mehery: Revolutionizing Business-customer Conversations with Open API Smart Conversations Platform

Kershasp Carnac,  Founder & CEO

Kershasp Carnac

Founder & CEO

The realm of application programming interfaces(APIs)and social messenger aggregators is fiercely competitive as companies vie for market share by presenting cutting-edge solutions. Amidst this thriving landscape, the demand for seamless and effective business-customer communication solutions has reached an all-time high. In response to this market need, the dynamic startup, Mehery, has emerged as a disruptive force with its groundbreaking Smart Conversations platform. Businesses strive to engage customers across multiple channels, and Mehery’s distinct proposition lies in its open API infrastructure, facilitating effortless integration with third-party software providers and offering a holistic omnichannel experience.

Mehery, the brainchild of visionary founders, took shape when WhatsApp Business Account opened its API for third party applications. “Our mission is to democratize business customer conversations”, explains Kershasp Carnac, Founder & CEO at Mehery. “Through innovative product offerings focusing on business enablement and consumer utility, we are determined to revolutionize business-to-consumer communication. The structure of the open API has facilitated the seamless connection of multiple systems to our platform, resulting in a wide array of integrations that new clients can take advantage of" he further adds.

Mehery prides itself on offering two primary services licenses of Mehery Smart Conversations and professional services.
Empowering reseller partners with professional services teams, the company encourages them to harness BOT developments and integration opportunities to drive revenues. At the core of its flagship offering, the Mehery Smart Conversations platform serves as a social messenger aggregator, boasting no-code bots, a BOT builder, and a human interface. This comprehensive omnichannel messenger platform seamlessly inte grates Whatsapp Business Account API, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Telegram, Twitter DM, Web Chat, and App Chat SDK. Emphasizing quality and effectiveness, Mehery heavily invests in building a robust support and training team. Their commitment to technological excellence is evident in the Smart Conversations platform, ingeniously engineered for system extensibility using Kubernetes, high availability through clustered applications, and fully replicated databases spanning continents, guaranteeing a seamless data access experience.

Mehery’s mission is to democratize business-customer conversations

Central to Mehery’s success is its proactive customer engagement, earnestly listening to and acting upon valuable feedback. This approach empowers the company to continually enhance its Smart Conversations platform, introducing novel features, improved functionality, and refined modules to deliver a superlative customer experience. The open API structure stands as Mehery’s unique selling proposition, magnetizing numerous organizations eager to integrate their systems seamlessly with the platform. Moreover, Mehery’s ongoing integration with Google Dialog Flow and CHATGPT4 API further amplifies the platform’s innate strengths, promising even greater strides in customer communication.

Navigating through the challenges posed by evolving messaging channels, Mehery stands agile, bolstered by constant investments in aligning its technology infrastructure with ever-changing APIs and business models. The company maintains an open communication channel with customers and conducts formal engagements every quarter, ensuring customer needs remain at the heart of its strategic approach, propelling the company towards continual improvement.

Driven by a vision to attain 100 customers for their Smart Conversations platform in the current fiscal year, Mehery has recently launched a bold new product undergoing proof of concept and beta testing, heralding an era of exhilarating developments for the company and its esteemed clientele. With a staunch commitment to customer-centric innovation, fueled by its open API infrastructure and guided by a dynamic team, Mehery is poised to redefine how businesses connect and converse with their customers in India and globally.